LoveStrong Events & Adventures

What does it mean to be LoveStrong?

LoveStrong is feeling strong enough to live a life you Love.

It’s about getting strong with a simple, smart and compassionate approach. Start with yoga, hiking/walking, connection and nutrition.

Every day you feel stronger both physically and emotionally, you can challenge yourself a little more until at some point you look back and see just how far you’ve come! 


(+ free yoga!)

It’s free we just don’t want to do it alone!

Drop the sugar as much as possible for the next 10 days.  The first few days are the hardest, But you also start to feel amazing, so it’s good to have company and stress relief:

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You’ll get a free week of online yoga plus support, suggestions, whining about wine’s fruit based sugar content and sweet tooth substitutions

SOUL COMPASS workshops online

 Next one:
Jan. 31st, 2021

Enjoy a relaxing guided meditative session that connects you to your soul. Where you can hear your inner wisdom. 
Where you know your insights truly come from you.

I simply facilitate the experience.   

You can request specfic topics of interest or simply enjoy allowing the experience to unfold naturally.


Individual Sessions
(available in person & zoom)


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Most of our adventures are free. We just wanted to invite you along.
We are always adding to the schedule below and will include both easy walks just to get outside.. and hiking hills to build our strength.

Who knows… we might want to venture on to the PCT someday!? ; )

You are responsible for your own food, gear, safety or other liability that might arise.

We leave from the studio and/or can meet you at the trail head.
Always email for exact details:

JANUARY 3rd 10:30AM
LUCKIAMUTE TRAIL – 2-ish miles. Flat/Easy.
JAN. 17th 10:30am.
VINEYARD MTN. Old Growth (2mi) or New Growth Trail (4mi)
Jan 31st. 10:30am

Feb. 14th 10:30am

Feb. 28th 10:30am

MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY will depend on weather and state regs.
We have the following in mind:  Marion Lake, Horse Rock, Iron Mtn, Metolius and more!

Get a sneak peak at past hikes below.. 

Silver Lining Moments

Enter your SLM Below…. here’s why: We volunteered last night and we donated and we cleaned. And here’s what we learned. They didn’t really need

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WTF Update?

So for those of you that don’t know, we’re a little engulfed in smoke from surrounding fires. Some of you are in evacuation prep zones

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Masking up for Love

Say Cheeeeese!  It works with Pleeeeease also.  It’s just a way of making you smile so you’ll feel better.  See how easy your mind is

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Summer Dilemmas

Are you in the Summer state of mind yet?  Research shows that our minds crave novelty. While we do appreciate the security of a system

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LoveStrong Retreats (on pause as of 3/15/20)

Find the retreat that fits you with Love Yoga Studios. From kayaking, to Portland Yoga Tours, there is a retreat or training for everyone!