LoveStrong Events & Adventures

What does it mean to be LoveStrong?

LoveStrong is feeling strong enough to live a life you Love.

Check out LoveStrong Adventures below for day trips and outings. Check out LoveStrong Retreats for weekend retreats and trainings.

Events & Adventures on pause until further notice 3/15/20

We are hoping to have our 
10 Year Anniversary Celebration 
on September 20th. 

Stay Tuned!

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LoveStrong Hiking Adventures
Most of our adventures are free.
We just wanted to invite you along. 
We lead, carpool and/or caravan when possible.

You are responsible for your own food, gear, safety or other liability that might arise.

For the longer hikes, we do ask for RSVP’s so we don’t leave anyone behind. 
But it’s also nice to know who’s coming, to get a head count and look out for each other.


Here’s a peak at our past adventures . . . 


Summer Dilemmas

Are you in the Summer state of mind yet?  Research shows that our minds crave novelty. While we do appreciate the security of a system

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LoveStrong Retreats (on pause as of 3/15/20)

Find the retreat that fits you with Love Yoga Studios. From kayaking, to Portland Yoga Tours, there is a retreat or training for everyone!