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Alignment Refresher Workshop

Intro Prices & Memberships at Love Yoga Studios in Albany, OR

Warm up flow before a breakdown of the foundational alignment for 8-10 common postures in a yoga practice.

Think of alignment as your base foundation. Like soil in the garden. It has to be stable, healthy, supportive and adaptable. If it’s too tight, there’s no room for growth. If it’s too loose there’s nothing to connect to. And you might even use a different type of soil for different crops.

Your foundation may look different than those around you – it’s unique to your structure. But the concepts of stability and mobility are constant. You’ve got to get grounded before you grow.

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Beginning Yoga Workshop

Beginner Series Workshop

$20 includes your New Yogi 3 week Intro Pass! Start here with a few basics, a lot of demonstrations for you to observe and plenty of time for Q&A.

EVERYONE can practice yoga. It’s not just a balanced physical practice. It’s also a balanced state of mind. It’s about moving your body in a way that strengthens, releases tension and creates balance. And also in a way that encourages focus, optimism and enthusiasm. If you’re not enthusiastic about your own well being . . . this is a great place to start. You get to connect with others, connect with your self and interact in the world with more courage, compassion and clarity.

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Yoga for Anxiety Workshop

Yoga for Anxiety explores simple concepts that disrupt the anxiety process in your body and retrains your physiology. It helps reduce and often eliminate anxiety with practice. Yoga experience is not necessary.

All the concepts are simple and some of them are just plain fun. Some take a little practice and some you already do.

All in all, it’s an easy class to introduce you to some simple ways to feel better.

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