Erin Yatsui, RYT500 @yatsuiyoga

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Erin Yatsui, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

Erin Yatsui teaches 4 classes at Love including a monthly Yoga Flow & Knitting class!  She is looking forward to adding more to her schedule as our studio manager! She also finds time to sew, knit, bake, travel, hike, read, eat…a lot…of sushi and of course practice yoga herself!

She has two little girls, a lovely husband, two dogs, three chickens and has a healthy obsession with llamas but doesn’t have one of her own yet. She’s on a personal quest for inner peace and enjoys the opportunity to share that journey with others. Her class is a smooth blend of strength and serenity that will soothe your nerves and finish with a long savasana.