How it works at Love Yoga Studios

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Intro Prices & Memberships at Love Yoga Studios in Albany, OR

Intro Prices & Memberships

$20 for 20 days is our lovely ‘in studio’ introductory offer – if you’re new to the studio. This gives you almost 3 weeks of unlimited yoga and meditation!  What are you waiting for…  Click here

Our membership packages give you the perks and us a plan.
You get things like 10% off massages and tee shirts, free guest passes and a significant discount on classes! We get to plan ahead knowing you’re with us. Win/Win. If you come even just twice a week, this will save you money!

Private Sessions at Love Yoga Studios in Albany, OR

Private Sessions

$75-$95/session depending on session and schedule.

Studio Intro & Tour Session – Free
Yoga Beginner Session 
Yoga Practice Session
Yoga for Anxiety Session

If you have specific questions, special circumstances or simply would prefer to learn yoga without attending a group class we have teachers available to meet with you one on one.
We normally start with 1-3 sessions.
Privates may be available for longer

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Yoga & Meditation Basics

At Love Yoga we cultivate joy, health, strength and calm
by practicing being joyful, healthy, strong and calm!

Yoga is a ‘practice’. Some people are naturally flexible, some not so much. Some days all of us are more flexible than other days. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga. All you have to do is allow yourself to experience the movement (gentle or challenging) and the breath. It doesn’t matter how well you do, or if you can touch your toes. What does matter is that you enjoy each moment in some way. Your yoga practice is about finding the balance between strength and mobility. Your ‘flexibility’ or ‘range of motion’ will naturally improve with patience.

Meditation is also a practice of observing. You don’t have to clear your mind completely. All you need to do is hold still, observe, listen, breathe and enjoy. Research proves that even if you don’t like it, even if you think you can’t do it and even if you think you’re doing it wrong the attempt itself to try meditation creates beneficial changes in your body and mind at a cellular level. You are making a difference just by trying!

In Each Class

  • Breathe deep to nourish the body and soothe the nervous system to free up the space to move happily!
  • Move with awareness and a sense of humor to develop flexibility and strength!
  • Appreciate deep relaxation, calm the nervous system, reduces stress and allow healthy creativity to emerge!
  • Connect with this creativity (your natural instincts and intuition) through meditation to find clarity!

Suggestions for a Respectful Practice

  • Inform your instructor of any injuries or medical conditions...please
  • If it hurts, don’t do it
  • Wear light-weight, comfortable clothing
  • It is advisable not to eat a full meal within 90 minutes prior to yoga class.
  • Please silence your cell phones
  • It is highly recommended that you own your own yoga mat
  • Please remove your shoes in the studio
  • Please arrive on time
  • Keep an open mind, smile and have fun
  • We can safely modify any pose, please ask.