Meet our Team

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are certified, registered, insured, CPR’d and highly educated and experienced in the practice of yoga and meditation.

Suzanne Davis, E-RYT500

Suzanne started Love Yoga in 2010 with the intention of inspiring others to ease pain and find joy through movement, stillness and awareness. The Love Yoga Training inspires others to do the same. From that program, a wonderful yoga community has evolved that does just that.

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Aunnie Whittington, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

Aunnie Whittington, RYT500

I take self care pretty seriously. For everyone. My passion for self care extends to my family, friends, coworkers and others. I’m always happy to create space whether that’s teaching, introducing someone to yoga or simply sharing my love of this practice with others.

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Erin Hanawalt, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

Erin Hanawalt, RYT500

I view yoga practice as a laboratory for the exploration of the body, mind, and spirit. In my classes I strive to provide a safe environment for your own explorations. We discover when we can safely push ourselves further and when we need to treat ourselves more gently.

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Evan Johnson, RYT500

Evan Johnson, our newest teacher is a husband, father of two, Combat Infantry Veteran, Brown Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu,  and a Certified Yoga Teacher.  Evan’s

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Bee Collins, RYT500

Bee Collins of Glorious Movement Yoga in Lebanon, Oregon is also a Love Yoga Studio teacher. She currently teaches at Hollywood Studios in Lebanon and

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Sarah Tierce, RYT200

Sarah Tierce brings a practical, positive, practice to Monday nights with her Gentle Vinyasa flow class. She blends in words of encouragement and inspiration that

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Sabrina Mays, RYT500

A few years ago, I left Kentucky for Oregon with little more than a car load of clothes, my yoga mat and my two favorite people because life just wasn’t challenging enough apparently. It wasn’t easy. It was downright scary. So I know a thing or two about change, challenge and courage.  Thankfully I had been fully trained in ‘calm’. 

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Justine Hynes, RYT200

Justine understands stress and anxiety… and how this practice balances those with a calm sense of confidence. Because she’s also a school teacher! Who better

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Stephanie Perry, RYT500

Stephanie brings both the practical and the possible to her practice.  She infuses her fitness instructor experience as well as her passion for spiritual study

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Vonda VanRooyen, RYT200

The energy Vonda brings to her classes is invigorating. Lighthearted, flowing and energetic is how you start your early morning flow with her. She gives

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Brian Cardineau, RYT200

The scientist. The researcher. The breath whisperer. We haven’t exactly landed on his studio moniker yet. But he’s been intently studying Pranayama & Breathing practices

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Angie Souza, RYT200

Angie’s love of Restorative Yoga shows up in how she preps for her classes. She makes the studio feel like everyone’s home with her props,

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Amy Theis, RYT200

Amy’s energetic flow is infused with traditional alignment principles that make for a very balanced practice with delightful surprises along the way. Amy and her

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Jenny Jo

Jenny’s got a chill vibe going with Midweek Restorative Yoga. Who couldn’t use a solid reset mid way through the hustle? (Especially for someone with

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Kate Kisselburgh, RYT200

Kate’s got a penchant for plank, peace and a purposeful schedule. Between coaching health clients at Vidya Wellness, managing a family and a band, she

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