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When I started yoga I dropped to running 3 days a week. Within a couple weeks I noticed I felt better while running. My stride felt longer and easier. My hips no longer ache.  After about a month I realized I’d dropped a minute on my splits (mile). This was without any effort at trying to drop time.  My hips are more open, and my stride is longer and stronger. It came naturally with the yoga practice. I was really surprised and happy. Thank you for offering such a beneficial, and flexible practice!
When we have come, we have felt incredibly loved and cared for by you and your staff, and even the studio itself. There is a spirtual peace that exists in that space that I am rarely able to tap into otherwise. Your newsletters are a constant reminder of the availability of that safe place in an increasingly chaotic world, and even when I don’t take advantage of it, there’s comfort in knowing it’s there for the days I can manage to drag myself in.  Please don’t stop. Albany needs you.

Lady, You are hilarious, and rambly, and it’s obvious you care about what you do and that others get it.  I am so very glad to know you, and also glad that there are other rambly people like me who I can call my people. I hope you keep these newsletters, because these are the kind of things that are so fun to look back on years later.


Thank you so much for everything that you do… but most of all for following through with your vision and making it possible for people like me to have opportunities to seek out options for self-care… among all the other blessings of “Love Yoga” !!!  My heart is so grateful and I started feeling so much better about myself almost instantly after I connected with you all.

You are an amazing person… definitely meant to do what you’re doing. You write the way you speak… your honesty and subtle sarcasm work… I feel like I’ve known you my whole life and that promotes such feelings of comfort & inspiration…the list goes on & on. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into your teachings and writings… there’s no value you can put on such treasure. Sure hits home… and I am 100% sure  that’s not just for me!!!   I have a lot of challenges… however for the first time in years I know there’s hope here for me. Like everyone else…I have a story… when the time is right I will need to share with you.

Until then… please keep doing what you’re doing. I’m just so damn excited to learn…more, more, more!!!


Your experiences and insight are unique.  The newsletters, humor and all, provided a creative expression of you and what Love Yoga is created from.  The newsletters aim at building a community and were helpful to bring awareness of classes/specials, etc. As you point out, there are numerous reasons people attend yoga classes. Why exactly does yoga help? Please, do tell, because I bet there are plenty of people who would like to know! For a place where people go to find clarity, peace, healing, connection, self-love, compassion, encouragement, pain relief and more, an email popping up in the inbox to remind them of why they go to yoga is a great way to give a boost until the next class or inspire to take a next class (maybe sooner than planned!).  So keep on being you.  Your emails will be just as great!


I am very glad that I stumbled in to Love Yoga while visiting Albany! 🙂 Suzanne warmly welcomed me in to her studio, and I found a little peace of home here. Class was fun and easy to follow. I enjoyed Suzanne’s instructions, and the variety of poses offered during class. Looking forward to another class!

I really enjoyed class tonight! The flow was powerful, and left me feeling empowered! Lots of enjoyable poses to strengthen and open the body, and such a great atmosphere and instructor! 🙂


Before I came to Love (before I experienced your approach) I think I just grouped yoga in with all of my other exercise routines. Even though I knew there were other benefits to doing yoga I think I always felt I wasn’t getting much out of it if I wasn’t pushing myself in some way.  And even when I started with you I was still in that competitive, want to push my body, sort of mind frame.  It took a little while before I could say “Who gives a f*

I realized that those other benefits of yoga far outweigh any aerobic or strength training I might receive.  I go to zumba for a good sweat.  I go to yoga to learn how to breathe and be calm and take all of that to the outside world so I can cope with whatever stresses lie ahead, and recognizing through yoga that I am part of some bigger thing.

The irony, though, is that you do get those benefits! In all my life of various sports and exercises I never had any definition in my arms until I routinely started to do yoga.  I just don’t do it for that reason-it’s bonus.  You are changing people’s worldviews!!! You are bringing peace and calm to people’s f*

Part 2! So, I think people come in to the studio like that (its how we function in most of our daily lives, I think).  But, if they are paying attention they are seeing a new approach that really is about love for yourself and others, etc. etc.  I remember asking you questions when I returned to yoga after a break, about how to step my leg up between my hands in one swoop and you gave me some ideas. But you said-just do it in a few steps.  Duh.  I guess I needed someone to say its okay in yoga (and life) to do things the easy way and there’s not a whole lot to be gained by making it hard.

I think that message is routinely introduced by you and others there.  People just really need to be open to it. And, sometimes, maybe it takes a really crappy life event for people to see it.


I enjoy Love yoga classes and your humor and sarcasm. My schedule has not permitted much yoga recently. It certainly helps me recover from work and with my ultra marathons. In the end, I want to feel good and feel good about the world every day. A consistent inner peace is a goal.


I just want to thank you all. I have met great friends and people and always fell welcomed and loved.  I recommend Love Yoga Studios to anyone I can find.  So again thank you all.


Thank you so much for the Solstice party. You make it seem like it’s all fun ( and it is for us!) but I know better. Anyway, I was just thinking about it and wanted to express  my gratitude.

Thanks again for being vulnerable and real in your email. You have a great sense of humor when you write.
Love is a wonderful place and you have created so many positive changes in so many lives. You really have changed my life for the better.

Thanks for all you do to spread love in the world — we need more people like you!


Thank you! Really, your encouragement means way more than you could possibly understand.  Yesterday as usual was way better than I could have ever imagined. Every time we share those moments I walk away mind blown and pumped up…like every cell in my body is energized like crazy.


This is an amazing place and you have built Love Yoga up into an absolute pillar of the community.  I expected nothing less.  Well done, my friend.


Just had my first yoga experience tonight!!! At 67 years old, I found it to be amazing!!!!  Yes I will be back, love the restorative yoga, so see you at next session on Wed night!  Thank you so much!


Great space, amazing teachers, and a wonderful community of practitioners.


Extremely welcoming staff, clean and comfortable environment, as well as great classes! Couldn’t have asked for a better studio to go to for my first experience.


This studio is delightful. The space is welcoming and the perfect atmosphere to unwind after a hectic day at work. Their $5 basic classes on Tuesday and Friday are a super way to drip your feet into practicing yoga. I have nothing but love for this studio!


Love yoga is a wonderful environment to learn and practice yoga. Suzanne brings something unique to every class. I enjoy each session and look forward to attending the next.


Aunnie is AWESOME!!! She made my icky day a good one.


Thanks Aunnie! This class was excellent! I liked that the core work was done in intervals with complimentary moves and rest.


I have carpal tunnel and back problems. I thought yoga would be out of the question for me. Gentle yoga is just what I needed. They help you with any hurdles to yoga you could be facing! I feel so much better when I leave. Thank you Sabrina!


A phenomenal class! The heat is always just warm enough to get the sweat flowing without being overwhelming, so my body could move through the awesome flow provided by Seville! Just what I needed that day!


This class is a great way to clear away busy thoughts and focus on strength in body and mind! This class provides a wonderful opportunity to unwind and relax deeply into different supported poses over several minutes. I have come to appreciate this practice in stillness and letting go as a helpful countermeasure for a stressful day!


Brenda’s class is the perfect way to start your week. Soothing and intentionally relaxing! Brenda gives good recommendations for props and adjustments so everything is accessible.


Love Yoga is welcoming and kind. The instructors provide a great balance of engaging yoga practice, mindfulness and lighthearted enjoyment.  Classes are inclusive of all different fitness levels. I have always felt welcomed and challenged. I love Love Yoga!


It’s super friendly and every instructor runs a no pressure atmosphere so whether it’s your first class or you’re a seasoned practitioner, you never feel out of place, clumsy or unwelcome.  This has made all the difference for me in discovering yoga and wanting to continue with it as part of my life.


Love Yoga is a welcoming, encouraging studio. It’s beautifully and comfortably designed, a relaxing space. The teachers are very friendly and reassuring. It’s clear how important the student’s experiences are to the owner and other teachers. The owner is very open and giving of herself to her students. My experiences there have motivated me to stick with yoga and try to advance with it.


Accepting and non judgmental attitude with every instructor. Great instruction from a variety of teachers so I pick the style that fits. Regular coaching and encouragement to modify or challenge as individually desired-genuinely non competitive. Excellent balance of relaxation, stretching and strengthening in every class. I especially appreciate Suzanne’s humor and openness, enjoy optimistic upbeat hands on modifications by Aunnie and have never been disappointed by a class.


The teachers are all well trained so I feel safe from injury. The classes I go to are fun and I leave wishing I could go more. The practice is not extreme and is always taught to an appropriate level. There are lots of options for many poses and a good number of classes to choose from. It’s a great community with lots of long time members so it’s easy to hand around and chat a while. Nice facility and very clean.


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