Curious about the Chakras?
Wonder why Mantras Matter?
Dream about Downward Dog?

Have you ever wished you could join teacher training without the pressure to teach?

Or maybe part of you has dreamt of becoming a yoga teacher... but you're not sure if you have the strength, experience or confidence that it takes? Or even if you'd really enjoy it?

is how you will know for sure.

Maybe you'd like to dive deeper into the history and philosophy or immerse yourself in the science of how yoga works?
Maybe you'd like to learn more about meditation, relaxation, talk about chakras, mantras and mudras, oh my! Or maybe you'd simply like to enjoy pigeon pose a little more?

Many people have taken our training and love it simply for the experience of: learning how and why yoga works,
connecting with others,
deepening their own personal practice,
and having significantly more self awareness that encourages them to live a life they love. A LoveStrong life.

The Yoga Prep Course will still give you all the requirements needed, should you decide afterall that you want to teach. It will be completely your choice at the end of the course if you’d like to complete the Yoga Alliance requirements to teach. No pressure at all from us.


Getting Started

At Love Yoga, every level is welcome and becoming a teacher is not required.

Please review the outlines below and read the fine print for costs, schedules and requirements. Then fill out our online application to receive our orientation packet, no obligation.

For scholarship and payment plan info, please contact Suzanne directly:


Find out more, ask questions and meet the instructors at Orientation

3 Module Options

100 Hour Prep
200 Hour Training
300 Hour Advanced


3 week immersion option. August 2021. Email Suzanne directly if interested in this option as dates are being considered.

The Fine Print

Full Payment discount available
Financial Plans available
Applications, Terms & Cancellation policies are required

Email with any questions

Training based on the 8 limbs
meets all YA reqs for
methodology, techniques and practice

Portland Yoga Tour,
Anatomy Basics & Foundations,
Neuroscience of Yoga & Meditation,
Core Strength Education,
Karma projects,
Injury analysis,
adjustments vs. assists and Why,
Sanskrit, Pranayama, Chakras, Mantras and Mudras,
Stress Management,
Relaxation & Resilience Therapy.
Specialty classes for kids, prenatal and anxiety.