Category: Instructors

Brian Cardineau, RYT200

The scientist. The researcher. The breath whisperer. We haven’t exactly landed on his studio moniker yet. But he’s been intently studying Pranayama & Breathing practices ever since training and is looking forward to offering workshops very soon.

Angie Souza, RYT200

Angie’s love of Restorative Yoga shows up in how she preps for her classes. She makes the studio feel like everyone’s home with her props, blankets, candles and soothing tones. And that’s not only when she’s teaching… but also every practice.

Amy Theis, RYT200

Amy’s energetic flow is infused with traditional alignment principles that make for a very balanced practice with delightful surprises along the way. Amy and her husband are the proud parents of two littles. So she also strives to live a balanced life … with delightful and ever changing surprises in tow. That’s how she rolls… and that experience shines through in her classes.

Jenny Jo

Jenny’s got a chill vibe going with Midweek Restorative Yoga. Who couldn’t use a solid reset mid way through the hustle? (Especially for someone with 3 teen boys!) Her focus is usually around the chakras so you’ll always get that cell deep relaxation plus a little energetic reboot as well.

Kate Kisselburgh, RYT200

Kate’s got a penchant for plank, peace and a purposeful schedule. Between coaching health clients at Vidya Wellness, managing a family and a band, she also teaches an early morning, strong, power flow at Love. Proving that balance is possible, energy essential and living on your own terms is totally doable.