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Riki Aihara

I began my yoga practice almost fifteen years ago. My first 200 hour training in Nepal was a Hatha based practice filled with chanting, mudras, and meditation. This style of practice helped me appreciate the more traditional, spiritual approach to yoga.

My second 200hr training was an online course in Prem Yoga. Prem means Love in Sanskrit and this training focused heavily on introspection and bhakti (devotion). Funny how Love keeps showing up throughout my yoga journey.

After this, I became a certified personal trainer as I wanted to learn more about the physical body. Although I did not pursue this career, it has enhanced my teaching and inspired me to continue learning about the body’s capabilities.

This may sound cliche, but I truly believe yoga has the power to change the world. We change the world by changing the individuals that live within it. I’m not trying to save mankind, but I like to share things that bring positive change. More often than not, these things are simple, like a slight shift in perspective or syncing movement to breath.

My teaching style is a mix of softening and strengthening. I like to take time in poses and allow for spaces to observe body and mind. I’ve been transitioning towards a practice that is available to all bodies. In this, I have found an affinity working with seniors and children.

All this said, with all my yoga, I am still human. I fall off the path, get lazy, and lose my temper. I think the important part is coming back each time and being welcomed when I get there. I hope you keep coming back and feel welcomed each time you do.

Sunday morning Karma – All Levels Flow – 9:30am
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Amy Theis, RYT200

Amy’s energetic flow is infused with traditional alignment principles that make for a very balanced practice with delightful surprises along the way. Amy and her husband are the proud parents of two littles. So she also strives to live a balanced life … with delightful and ever changing surprises in tow. That’s how she rolls… and that experience shines through in her classes.

Sabrina Mays, RYT500

Back in 2015, I left Kentucky for Oregon with little more than a car load of clothes, my yoga mat and my two favorite people because life just wasn’t challenging enough apparently. It wasn’t easy. It was downright scary. So I know a thing or two about change, challenge and courage.  Thankfully I had been fully trained in ‘calm’.  One of my favorite things to share is ‘The Climb to Courage’ workshop. A four week class to practice cultivating courage and calm in the face of challenge.  The cool thing about this practice is that life is always going to give us opportunities to practice.

I grew up in Kentucky and got my yoga certification at Asheville Yoga Center – so hopefully y’all can appreciate my sweet Southern drawl cause I think I’m keeping it!  I traveled out here to soak up the Pacific Northwest and share my love of all things yoga, nutrition and wellness. I continue to do that on all my adventures which includes subbing when I can for all the Love Yoga teachers.