Love Yoga Studios

Burnett Bodywork, Massage Therapist

Burnett Bodywork

Before to moving to Oregon, Anna Burnett worked as massage therapist in Alaska, Tennessee, and California. She was trained in 2005 in Palm Springs, California and her massage style is a creative and energetic blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Lomi Lomi.

Suzanne Davis

Suzanne started Love Yoga in 2010 with the intention of inspiring others to ease pain and find joy through movement, stillness and awareness. The Love Yoga Training inspires others to do the same. From that program, a wonderful yoga community has evolved that does just that.

Sabrina Mays, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

Sabrina Mays

Sabrina teaches Gentle Yoga on Monday Nights at 5:30pm. Sabrina traveled out West to soak up the Pacific Northwest and share her love of all things yoga, nutrition and essential oils. Outside the studio she works a full time job with the county and spends her free time with her husband and daughter.

Aunnie Whittington, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

Aunnie Whittington

Aunnie Whittington, nourishes your body, mind and soul with yoga, nutrition and meditation. Aunnie’s classes are designed to help you discover the best parts of you. She takes her time, she stirs it up and delivers you to your savasana in a state of extreme relaxation.