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Love Yoga T-Shirts from Love Yoga Studios in Albany, Oregon


Multiple colors! It’s not so much about the shirt as it is about the message… about the feeling… about the conversations and connections that happen around the message. $25

Love Yoga Hoodies from Love Yoga Studios in Albany, Oregon


Zip and Pullover in Charcoal and Moss Green. This lightweight pullover hoodie has Love written all over it! Soft, cozy, warm but not too hot. It’s the perfect layer all year round! $49.50

Burnett Bodywork, Massage Therapist

Burnett Bodywork

Before to moving to Oregon, Anna Burnett worked as massage therapist in Alaska, Tennessee, and California. She was trained in 2005 in Palm Springs, California and her massage style is a creative and energetic blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Lomi Lomi.

Suzanne Davis, E-RYT500

We started Love Yoga in 2010 with the intention of inspiring others to ease pain and find joy through movement, stillness and awareness. The Love Yoga Training inspires others to do the same. From that program, an amazing yoga community has evolved that does even more to reduce stress, relieve tension, inspire laughter, create connections, share music and make friends.

Sabrina Mays, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

Sabrina Mays, RYT200

A few years ago, I left Kentucky for Oregon with little more than a car load of clothes, my yoga mat and my two favorite people because life just wasn’t challenging enough apparently. It wasn’t easy. It was downright scary. So I know a thing or two about change, challenge and courage.  Thankfully I had been fully trained in ‘calm’.