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Worst gift ever? Or…..

Do you Believe…..?

The ONE dangerous Yoga Adjustment


If the Rain has got you down… try this. Upgrade your membership, come to yoga more consistently for a couple months and if you start feeling way too good… you can stop and take a break and I’ll even buy you an umbrella!

Okay, all kidding aside… I know the weather is a concern for many. BUT you know me better than that by now, right? Yes, it’s rainy and overcast and it’s about to get gloomier when we drop the clocks back this weekend. (Someone fix THAT unneccessary catastrophe, PLEASE!). Science proves that it’s definitely not good for our Biology. Which is part of the reason so many people struggle with winter.

HOLD ON, cause I’m about to irritate a few of you. How do I know this? Because I already did it to a couple of my close friends by saying this exact thing earlier in the week. I said….’If I hear ONE MORE person complain about the weather…… … oops 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. But seriously….


We HAVE to keep rowing. Row, coast, row, coast. row… coast… That’s life.

And we can STILL go outside. Is it as pleasureable as July? Maybe not for everyone. I DO understand that. Vitamin D makes a HUGE difference and if you don’t believe that than I probably can’t help you. And if you need some, I definitely CAN help you.

BUT I am about to go even further – 1000% POLLYANNA  – because I DO know what it’s like to feel sunk. Down, depressed, afraid, worried, sick… trust me I used to be the queen of worry and anxiety. But after the most recent perfect storm of death, panDemic and despair over the last few years… I could care less about the weather. I’m just super f’in happy to be outside with my pup, upright, uplifting and breathing clean air.

And it’s 1000% because I LOOK for those little annoyingly optimistic things that I can attest to the power of ….. (not positive thinking)… ha! You thought you knew where I was going with that.  Nope.

I can attest to the power of FORWARD MOTION. KEEP GOING. BUNDLE UP…(Beanies have been ordered!). FIND YOUR FLOW.


(Pro tip: I also watch for the sunbreaks that happen when the Weather app is wrong and I immediately make the most of those).

Seriously though, if I can do it, so can you. I’ve seen hundreds of people over the years pull themselves out of a funk* and go on to love every bit of their lives. You know how….? Yes… You do.

YOGA.(you totally saw that coming).

Here are some fun oppportunities to weather the weather together.
Gah… I’m gonna be saying that a LOT this season. Look out Grinch! I’m comin’ for ya : )

Upcoming workshops:  Asana Alignment, Chakra Talk, Love Strong Hikes. Sign in to Walla or Join the FB Group for more details and any updates.

Much Love and Spontaneous Sun Breaks to you all!

: )


*If you have something more than a weather funk, please know that I am not making light of more serious conditions. I’m simply trying to remind my family and friends, that they CAN walk in the rain and it WILL make them feel better. And whatever else is going on… it at the very least, can’t hurt to try it.

ps. apologies to my friends. I love you and yes I’ll go to Palm Springs with you in January to alleviate the gloom. Please get me a window seat. 😉🤣

Redesigning life with Yoga

We’ve all heard the introspective question… ‘If you knew today was your last day… what would you do? How would you spend it?’

But perhaps a more powerful inspirational question might be… ‘What if last night was your LAST night?’ This actually just occurred to me last night… and while I thought about it… I felt a huge amount of regret about a few things. At first.

And then… the deeper, more powerful question for me was… If last night was my last night… and then turned out that it wasn’t… what a breath of fresh air that felt like! I woke up and could do anything I want. Cause I’m still here. So WHAT do I want to do today?

This will sound a little cliche, I know… but…

You can’t just live to work. It is SOOOO easy to get caught up in getting things done, going places, checking off to do lists, running errands. But many of us can’t just drop work to go explore the world Richard Branson style. Especially if you’re in the raising kids phase of life, right?

And I’ve always felt it was SUPER cliche to say… find new hobbies, do more of what you love, take up salsa dancing, learn a new language. BLEH, no thanks.


I DID actually take that advice. I created a business out of something I loved so that I could do it all the time. I went in search of new hobbies that would encourage a more outdoorsy lifestyle… (because I wasn’t naturally very outdoorsy… and bugs bug me). 🤷‍♀️. I started adding quick trips to the beach more often and started LoveStrong hikes a few years ago. (it’s moderate, low elevation, hiking, let’s be real). I got Charlie and now I get outside way more than ever before. Plus I became an exceptional dog photographer. 😂😂. @sircharliekarma


And Love it or hate it, the internet is a gold mine of opportunities that can expand our horizons. We CAN reorganize our lives to do more of what we enjoy. To find and/or create work we enjoy. To learn new skills, find new ideas, take a few risks, start a business, go on a road trip, get a hairless cat or a puppy, find new recipes, meet new friends and expand our lives in the direction that we personally want to go.

Is it time to ReDesign your life? What if last night was your LAST night… would you have wished that you had redesigned your life?


I’m not saying Yoga is the answer (but it is 😉) for what to do with your life. I’m saying yoga gives your mind the space to let those new ideas come in. And the strength and courage to follow those nudges.

Start here. Start with Love. Start with a community who’s sole intention is to support and encourage your practice so you will feel Strong enough to Live a Life you Truly Love and Enjoy. #LOVESTRONG

And if you’re already doing that… consider joining Love Yoga as a ‘trail guide’ to encourage the others that are just begininng.

YOU could be just the inspiration someone is looking for.

Whether you’re a New Yogi or a Trail Guide, come to the Yoga 101 this Saturday and let’s chat about all the opportunities.

Much Love,

: )


ps… I spent last night (what could have been my last) with my cousin… brainstorming about our businesses, moving furniture, eating sushi, painting cabinets, singing along to The Voice, playing with Charlie….

No regrets. I don’t need a sunset on Necker Island to finish out my human experience. I’m all good here. 🥰


If you’ve made it this far… and you didn’t already know… YOU CAN:

Start Teacher Training anytime. All year long and begin at your own pace.

Join our Private FB Group For latest updates and behind the scenes pics.

Get Private Yoga Sessions for any specific Yoga Goals you might have: sleep, stress, strength, posture progress, breathing techniques, etc.

Get Private Energy Sessions that guide you through self hypnosis for creating clarity, change and growth in specific areas of focus.

And finally… if you or anyone you know struggles with overwhelm, anxiety, stress or frustration… my online Stress/Anxiety Relief Training course can help!
Link above on the training tab.

Anxiety Relief Online Workshop

Anxiety Relief Training Online

It was 2 AM! I woke up out of a dead sleep…  I couldn’t catch my breath. My fingers were going numb, my heart was pounding, my neck hurt, my throat felt thick, something was terribly wrong. I didn’t know if I was going to pass out or have a heart attack. I was immediately pissed… because this wasn’t the first time I’d had an anxiety attack. But it was the first time it had woken me up out of a perfectly good night sleep!

Why would I wake up just to pass out?  At this point though, I was 22 years old and I had been through this enough times to at least know what was happening. At this point, I could either call someone or get up and start doing jumping jacks. (Yes, that actually helped at times).

On multiple previous occasions I had ended up in ER and had every possible test. Blood work, EKG, heart monitor, etc… all signs pointed to… PANIC.

That can’t be right. I’m 22. I’m smart. I’m healthy. I can talk myself out of this. I’m not even panicking… WTF.  And then it happened again…. and again… and again. I spent the next 9 years worried, afraid and determined to figure it out.

I. Tried. Everything. Herbal remedies, exercises, medication, meditation, dietary changes and more. I had to dig deep…. and finally go to counseling. They told me this was something I’d have to manage the rest of my life…. again… WTF?

They were wrong. 100%.
(In their defense, a lot has changed in the past few decades)

I’m not saying yoga fixed everything but it definitely led me to everything else that did. (yoga is not required in this course)

It’s now been over 23 years – completely free of anxiety attacks. Nada, zero, nil, none, nothing. Even through I went through childbirth, heartbreaks, job changes, empty nesting, moving, losing my Dad, almost losing the business and surviving 2020, to name a few of the hardest parts.

It seems to me that if I had a mental disorder or a life long affliction, those things would have put me over the edge, right? Nope.

I have never been more sure than I am today that anxiety is sadly misunderstood. And because of this, many people are led to believe that they have a chronic mental disorder. And in many cases… that’s simply not true.

It could be a broken breathing pattern, a faulty focus filter or a severe lack of flow…. or all three!

So I created a short, powerful training course to highlight these possibilities, the evidence behind them and the ways in which they have worked for myself and many, many others. 

It’s designed to eliminate anxiety but it’s also a powerful way to reduce any levels of stress and balance energy.

So if you or someone you know….

Or if you want a better understanding….

You can read more about it here… Anxiety Relief Training

: )


ps. if you attended one of the live workshops in the past, this is SO much more than a refresher… the link above explains what all is included in the course. Including the daily tips, course workbook and a monthly planner.

10 Amazing things about Me….

Santosha. Creating paradise wherever you are…

It was June 9th, 2017 and we had all just arrived in the South of France for the French Yoga Tour after an entire day of travel. (pics below) We were excited and exhausted. Thankfully our first stop that evening would be the spa!

4 hours later we were all ….. naked. Together. Yup. We walked in and they handed us each a 14″ square towel and threw us into the showers.
(Nothin awkward about that, right???)

Now this might be a casual experience for a seasoned European traveler.

But that wasn’t me. So to say I was mortified was an understatement. Everyone else was a little surprised but not mortified. I was definitely the least well traveled in the group.

This also wasn’t my typical spa experience… there was aggressive scrubbing, too much heat, tiny towels, a strange tea. I was a little out of my element and definitely struggling to ‘go with the flow’.

We all survived. Obviously.  And the rest of the trip was full of incredible delight and awe. The food, the caves, the music, the food… did I mention the food?  Oh and the wine. Plenty of wine.

Hawaii, however, was a much simpler trip. There were sandy beaches, lush forests, our own private pool, a luau, of course… and the food… did I mention the food? Their kombucha was also amazing. We had some interesting challenges there as well with someone getting stitches, someone frantically paddleboarding in the ocean (me?) and practicing yoga in a swarm of flies on the beach.

Travel is… well… fascinating. Isn’t that why we do it?

These are what retreats are made for.
Exploration, adventure, yoga, relaxation… and food.

But we can have all of that right here in our own space too!
If we get our minds to cooperate ; )

That’s why we constantly strive to create the best possible environment in the studio. The most relaxing, dedicated space for connection, exploration, imagination, reflection and transformation… a space we can’t always get in our homes with our people, our projects and our pets. 

It’s a ‘stretch’ to call it paradise, I know. (see what I did there?)

But it’s intended to be an example. An example of how we might bring all those aspects into our lives more often on a daily basis. A few moments of calm reflection here. A challenging adventure there. Using our intuition and following our hearts.

A Yoga Teacher’s primary aim is to create the space for the practice and to encourage you with timely suggestions to use that space to explore what works best for you. So that you create a practice you love and enjoy.

A great yoga teacher does all that…. with LOVE.

We always hope that we do this.
We always hope that you enjoy it.

But most of all…
We always hope that it makes your life  calmer, stronger, clearer and more enjoyable.

If it does, we’d be honored if you’d let us know. Everytime you share your experience with us, it helps us improve the experience for everyone.

Your experience here matters.

Thank you for being part of Love.

: )




Maybe it was something you ate … ?

Or was it? It may not have been what you ate.
And it likely wasn’t whatever you just ‘did’ either.

I mean, 6 tacos, 3 beers and a cupcake after running a marathon?
Yes, then probably it was.

But having random back pain, heartburn, joint pain, headache for no reason?

According to MANY researchers… pain is a distractor from unresolved emotional conflict. 

It helps us keep those painful feelings at bay by distracting us with physical pain. Pretty smart, eh?

Unresolved emotional conflict being:

  • That conversation we don’t want to have.
  • That sadness we don’t want to feel.
  • The anxiety or anger we have toward something.
  • That frustration we can’t express without hurting someone’s feelings.
  • That flash of anger that causes one to jump out of their seat and slap someone in the face.

We all have moments of conflicted feelings because we’re human.

John Sarno writes, ‘How typical of the human mind. It appears to be a storehouse of often conflicting feelings and tendencies, most of which we are totally unaware of’. 

So even if we don’t think we ever have those conflicting moments… he says we do, we’re just not aware of it.

He wrote the book ‘Healing Back Pain’ and I cannot put it down. And I had to share it.

Because his research dives into the mind body connection we all know and Love over here.

I won’t spoil the ending for you because he’s discovered that much of the success of his readers… comes from simply reading the book and understanding the process. I was skeptical about that too… which is why i’m reading it. (No, I don’t have back pain. I have in the past, so I understand it).

But I will say that Movement, Breathing and Focus, play key parts in ANY type of healing. (Yet, how typical of the human mind to discount something so simple. If it’s not hard, it must not be worth it??).

Lucky for us we have a great place to practice all of those things and more!

Other books I couldn’t put down:
Breath by James Nestor
The Relaxation Response, Herbert Benson
Buddha Brain, Rick Hansen
Lucky Dog, Brandon McMillen – Dog training : )

Everything I read makes it into our classes in one way or another… yes even the dog training practices… they’re hilariously similar… move, focus, be patient, snacks! LOL.

Thanks for reading, see you on the mats!

: )