Love Yoga Classes

** As we proceed to re-open the studio, we still have online memberships and classes available!

We offer: 
1. Morning Live Classes on FB Live in our Member Group
2. Our online video library w/ 3 free intro videos
3. Audio guided meditations
4. Additional Downloads 

 You can purchase the online pass HERE.

The MindBodyOnline app handles all of our sign up process 

Ask about our 15% Discount for all First Responders and Veterans

Restorative Yoga *

Bask in blissful relaxation with this soothing combination of seated and reclined postures designed to release tension, promote healing and create calm. A deep sense of relaxation that reaches the central nervous system is crucial for regenerating cells, repairing damage from stress and reconnecting with your inner peace.

Gentle Yoga *

This class combines simple strengthening movements with relaxation and awareness. You’ll twist, fold & reach but more importantly you’ll breathe deep & slow. Perfect for beginners or for those seeking stress relief, injury rehab, flexibility, toning & balance. Or just seeking in general.

All Levels Yoga Basics *

You have choices in this class. Challenge yourself or focus on relaxation any time during the ‘Basics’ classes. Every level yogi will benefit as you breathe, move, strengthen, balance, release, relax and connect with yourself and others.

Gentle / Nidra /Meditation*

Begin with a breathing practice, a smooth flow session, moving gently and breathing with focus.  Finish with a guided meditation for a deeply relaxing and healing experience for your entire system.

Flow Yoga **

·       Flow gets you moving, breathing, strengthening and relaxing. At a pace that allows you to focus on each movement and each moment.  You choose whether those moments are energizing or calming. 

FLO45 is a 45 minute version with less cueing, more movement and subtle music for an energetic and meditative experience. Embody the flow. 

Strong Flow **

Venture beyond the basics to challenge your body and your mind. (i.e. more sequences and flows, deeper twists, and stronger balance poses). We provide many opportunities in this strong vinyasa flow to expand your horizons by believing in yourself and encouraging others. Strong bodies, Smart Minds

Power Yoga ***

Power Yoga builds your strength from the inside out. YOU are empowering yourself. 
Think Mental to Muscle, Spine to Skin, Cell to Soul. It’s not fast and furious… it’s building endurance and resilience with a strong flow, arm balances, inversions and balance postures. It’s a solid blend of Tapas and Ahimsa, fueling the fires without getting burned.

Guided Meditation *

Feel the freedom and tranquility of holding still in the privacy of a dedicated space. Begin with a short breathing meditation, move into a guided meditation and finish with space for silent meditation. We’ve created the ultimate meditation experience complete with comfy chairs, eye covers and journals for all the mind blowing epiphanies that will occur when you relax deeply and take time to listen to your heart and soul. 

Take a deep breath in and let out a big sigh…That might be the only mantra you ever need.

Yoga Alignment (monthly class) *

Each class will cover a variety of postures and concepts intended to help fine tune alignment for variations or modifications of practice. Customized adjustments and personal assessments available. Standing postures, hip openers, core, arm balances and sun salutations will be rotated through these classes monthly. Ask for rotation schedule. Time for Q&A as well.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow, steady, stable sequence of longer held postures intended to simultaneously strengthen connections and release tension. You have to feel it to believe it. This is NOT a restorative class. It requires focus, awareness and adaptation so that you feel all the benefits without stress or strain. Christina has studied extensively to create this experience in a way that’s beneficial and educational for those seeking a deeper connection and release. 

Price List


The ‘In studio’ Introductory offer is $20 for 20 days!
Currently all our classes are available online
with our online virtual studio pass 

Our class packages and memberships are designed to help you feel your best and achieve your health and wellness goals . . .
mind, body, heart and soul. 

15% discount for all First Responders and Veterans 

Our introductory ONLINE VIRTUAL STUDIO pass gives you access to: 

1. FB LIVE morning classes Tuesday – Saturdays 9:30am; Sat. 9am.
2. Virtual studio library on our website with recordings of our LIVE Classes.
3. Plus additional recorded videos, short classes and workshops, tutorials, guided meditations and bonus downloads!

* If you already have a ‘studio membership’, and ‘online pass’, You don’t need to purchase another one here. Email us for access:


Our introductory offer is $20 for 3 weeks of ‘in studio’ classes, to ensure that you get the most out of your practice with us.  More information on the Intro Pass here


Unlimited Memberships

Memberships include unlimited classes with highly trained teachers, 10% off massage with our massage therapists, 10% off Workshops and Tee Shirts, 2 free guest passes each month for friends and family, a LOVE Sticker for your car or water bottle! 

Monthly Membership

Best deal in the valley for practicing twice per week or more. 
Practice every day or mix it up! You choose how and when you practice. 
6 month auto pay contract required. $88/mo


1 Month Unlimited Yoga

One month at a time. No contract necessary. However . . . 
You can save, save, save more with our Membership packages!


Yoga Class Packages -In Studio Pricing

Single Class Drop-In

Best value in the valley, come see what Love Yoga is all about!


Class 8-Pack

6 month expiration


Samaritan Wellness Dollar Accounts

Use your Wellness Dollars to purchase any of our passes.
Not available online. Drop in or email for purchase or info. 


Private Sessions

Our yoga coaches can help whether you are new or experienced. Schedule 1, 2 or 3 sessions and you will have enough information to honor your own practice in any group class. Sessions range from $75-95 depending on number of people and sessions.

How can coaching help?

  • Getting a general introduction to the practice if you are new to yoga. (single or group sessions available).
  • Adding variations to your practice to make it more invigorating or more relaxing.
  • Exploring modifications after an injury, hiatus or any other limitations.
  • Asking questions about parts of the practice that just don’t feel right for you but you haven’t had a chance to ask during a class.
  • Designing a short personal home or travel practice specifically for you so you can practice away from the studio as well.
  • Addressing specific injuries and how to practice safely while encouraging rehabilitation and healing – as long as you have medical clearance to practice.