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Class Descriptions

Karma Flow - No Pass? NO Problem! No Pressure. Sundays are for YOU.

We are offer you Motivation, Relaxation & Meditation for a small Donation! 
Every Sunday at 9:30am. 

Anyone can drop in. No pass required. No commitment, no contract, no pressure. 
And it’s an all levels flow so whether you’re new here or an old pro, you’ll be able to follow the flow. 

Our Karma Class is truly for EVERYONE. 

Look, we know a yoga studio can be intimidating. Especially the first time. Much like a gym or a new church or a new school. Sometimes it sucks to be the new kid. 

So we created the Karma class to make it SUPER SIMPLE to drop in, drop some cash in the box at the front desk and practice like you own the place. It’s seriously that easy. No questions, No pressure, we promise. 

FINE PRINT: (You knew there was a catch, right?) The only thing we ask from you is that you sign in the first time for insurance purposes. If anything were to happen, we have to be able to prove who was in the building at the time or else our insurance is voided.

Restorative Yoga - Luxury Relaxation at it's finest. #stillnessrocks

The ultimate in Relaxing, Recharging and Rejuvenating.
Good Stress helps us grow stronger. Too much Stress wears us down. It quietly wears down our cells, our energy, our organs, our bodies and minds.

Of course, movement and exercise is the number one way to offset stress. (Besides simply letting go of stuff).  But too much movement can be a stressor too. So instead… consider DEEP, RELAXING, STILLNESS…. It is ALWAYS healing those stress effects.

Restorative yoga is a series of longer held, deeply relaxing poses aided by the support of bolsters, blocks, blankets, low lights, soothing music and the guidance of a very chill teacher… Jenny.

Gentle Yoga - For a Simple Start, Slow Pace & Low Stress. #easystretch

Gentle Yoga is Powerfully healing in the easiest possible way. Great for beginners and experienced yogis alike as everyone can benefit from this perfect combo of gentle strengthening and deep relaxation.  

Every yoga class is great for disconnecting from the daily grind, but Gentle classes are specifically designed to create a greater sense of ease in the body and mind.

Gentle Yoga classes spend a little more time on breathing techniques for warm ups and relaxation. They include a simple, accessible flow to get our energy and circulation moving. That’s followed by gentle standing poses and some easy twists for the hips and lower back. The grand finale of a Gentle class is a deeply relaxation savasana. (Rest).

Also, If you’re rehabilitating an injury, just learning the practice, or offsetting overwhelm, stress or frustration… this is for you. Start Here.

Gentle Yoga with Guided Meditation. #meditationmagic

GENTLE YOGA WITH GUIDED MEDITATION. (Thursday nights).  #meditationmagic

Guided Meditation is hands down the easiest way to experience meditation.

Because all you have to do is get comfortable and listen. And even if you drift off… you still gain all the benefits: Calm mind, open heart, lower blood pressure, better breathing, deep relaxation, focused awareness, subtle energy.

30 min. gentle yoga followed by 30 min. of guided meditation.


All Levels Yoga Flow - Every Body, Every Level, Always #yogaeverywhere

ALL LEVELS FLOW is Great for everyone, but WHAT exactly is FLOW?

VINYASA FLOW is the style of yoga we practice here at the studio. It means to ‘move in a specific way’. In synce with your breath.  Breath by Breath… into a flow state of mind.

Because FLOW matters. In states of flow, every part of you is engaged and improving all at once!

In this All Levels Flow class, you’ll get to: Flow from pose to pose, Flow in sync with your breath and Get yourself into a Flow State of mind. This is where we feel peacefully focused and able to keep going effortlessly. Aka, in flow, in the groove, on fire, in the zone, on a roll, unstoppable!

It’s not dance like or Zumba-ish, you won’t have to memorize steps or try to keep up. It’s a series of shorter flows with longer held poses and balance poses mixed in to keep your brain engaged.

Strong Flow - Because you are ready to up your game! #yogastrong

More, More, More! More doesn’t always mean better but in this case… it simply means more of everything we do in our ‘All Levels class’, with more options to go a bit further in each pose or sequence. More flow, More movement, More energy, More breathwork.

You’ll experience more warriors, more core strength and more creative sequencing options. If you’ve tried the ‘All Levels class’, it’s just the next logical step on the path. Keep Going!

Power Flow: Warm/not Hot Because YOU Generate the HEAT. #youcandoit

You want to have a little experience for this class. If you know all your warriors and can appreciate a good strong plank… you’ll be good to go here. And you can UP YOUR GAME without the Risk! 

This class is challenging in all the right ways so that you can try a stronger class without the intimidation. You can explore more variations, test your limits and find your edge. 

It’s not too hot, too fast or too twisty. It’s a steady, strategic, simmer that burns calories, builds strength and confidence, so you feel empowered, not tortured.

We get asked all the time if we think you are strong enough to try this out. Yes, You Are. We can say that confidently because we aren’t doing anything too wild here. It’s not as huge of a leap as you might think… and you can take a break anytime you like.

The most powerful yogis on the planet, know when to drop in to Savasana.

Workshop Descriptions

Alignment Workshops

Alignment Workshops are your chance to examine each pose more slowly with time for questions, demonstrations and time to explore additional variations.
(i.e. plank, modified plank, side plank, reverse plank, etc).

Circuit Workshop

Circuit Workshops was created by Bee Marlow to blend personal training with a strong yoga flow. She starts with a yoga warmup through the sun salutations and then you move through the various circuit stations to focus on different parts of the body. The stations are all optional and include a TRX, a headstand stand, a foot balance, a core station, a meditation station and more. This workshop also gives you time to explore and ask questions.

Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin Yoga is often offered as a special workshop. It is a very slowly sequenced class that usually consists of about 10-12 poses that gently take you into deeper stretches for the major joints in the body: Neck, shoulders, hips, lower and upper back. We spend between 3-5 minutes in each so you have time to allow a natural expansion and increased flexibility to occur.

Yoga Nidra Workshop

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation designed to walk you through your body, relaxing as you go and infusing it with images that help relax and reset the nervous system. Usually it’s an hour class, in the most comfortable position you choose, either seated or reclined. Some teachers infuse a topic of contemplation, reflection or the focus on a sankalpa you might wish to resolve in some way. Our intuition has a way of coming through in these slower, meditative classes and often times we find some answers we didn’t know we had within us.


Private Strategy Sessions

Our yoga coaches can help whether you are new or experienced. Schedule 1, 2 or 3 sessions and you will have enough information to customize your own practice in any group class. 

How can coaching help?

  • Getting a general introduction to the practice if you are new to yoga. (single or group sessions available).
  • Adding variations to your practice to make it more invigorating or more relaxing.
  • Exploring modifications after an injury, hiatus or any other limitations.
  • Asking questions about parts of the practice that just don’t feel right for you but you haven’t had a chance to ask during a class.
  • Designing a short personal home or travel practice specifically for you so you can practice away from the studio as well.
  • Addressing specific injuries and how to practice safely while encouraging rehabilitation and healing – as long as you have medical clearance to practice.