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Suzanne Davis, E-RYT500 @loveyogastudio

We started Love Yoga in 2010 with the intention of inspiring others to ease pain and find joy through movement, stillness and awareness. The Love Yoga Training inspires others to do the same. From that program, an amazing yoga community has evolved that does even more to reduce stress, relieve tension, inspire laughter, create connections, share music and make friends. We encourage a functional fitness approach to yoga with a nourishing and soulful practice that includes nutrition, relaxation and connection. But most of all we spread the Love.

I try to infuse my classes with as much humor, science, meditation and anatomy as I can because those are the things I love most.  I also usually try to find a chill 70’s music playlist, or just let Spotify roll with it.  If that’s not working I’ll fill the silence with my vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom or simply let you simmer in silence.  No problem.  I’m not afraid of awkward silences… at all.  I’ll give you plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself while offering a modest approach to the practice that encourages each and every person to allow their strength and flexibility to build naturally.  Focusing on the qualities of mind that are the most beneficial to your overall well-being is time well spent.

Mat cred: Practicing since 1990, Training since 2006. E-RYT500 through Mark Stephens Yoga of Santa Cruz, CA.  Off the Mat, Into the World training and the Strala Intensive Training with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor of New York.  Additional trainings & workshops with Seane Corn, Jason Crandell, Leslie Kaminoff, Jory Serota, David Williams, Paul Terrell of Yoga on Yamhill, Portland, OR, Rudy Mettia of Los Angeles and Strala Yoga of New York.

Aunnie Whittington, RYT500

Aunnie Whittington, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

I take self care pretty seriously. For everyone. My passion for self care extends to my family, friends, coworkers and others. I’m always happy to create space whether that’s teaching, introducing someone to yoga or simply sharing my love of this practice with others.  In addition to yoga I have a strong and consistent meditation and spiritual practice. I also teach, I work full time, I volunteer at my church and my daughter’s school, so trust me when I say, I know how quickly self care can slide to the bottom of the list, I get it.  This practice . . . makes it possible.

Erin Hanawalt, RYT500

Erin Hanawalt, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

I view yoga practice as a laboratory for the exploration of the body, mind, and spirit. In my classes I strive to provide a safe environment for your own explorations. We discover when we can safely push ourselves further and when we need to treat ourselves more gently. Practicing with compassion for ourselves helps us extend compassion to others.

We challenge ourselves in the studio and learn the power of a steadying breath; we stumble in a balance pose and step back in without self-judgment. Yoga practice helps develop the resiliency to live life as well as we can.

Erin Yatsui, RYT500 @yatsuiyoga

Erin Yatsui, Yoga Instructor at Love Yoga Studios

Erin Yatsui teaches 4 classes at Love including a monthly Yoga Flow & Knitting class!  She is looking forward to adding more to her schedule as our studio manager! She also finds time to sew, knit, bake, travel, hike, read, eat…a lot…of sushi and of course practice yoga herself!

She has two little girls, a lovely husband, two dogs, three chickens and has a healthy obsession with llamas but doesn’t have one of her own yet. She’s on a personal quest for inner peace and enjoys the opportunity to share that journey with others. Her class is a smooth blend of strength and serenity that will soothe your nerves and finish with a long savasana.

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson, our newest teacher is a husband, father of two, Combat Infantry Veteran, Brown Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu,  and a Certified Yoga Teacher.  Evan’s class is a solid, steady, sequence that covers the basics while also adding in creative challenges drawn from his other life experiences.  (i.e. The Romanian Warrior 3).

He currently teaches:
Wednesday Morning Basics at 9:30am
Mondays at 12:00pm Strong Lunch Flow w/Resistance Bands
(This will be 50 minute class so you can get strong, calm and still have time to grab lunch)

You can reach him directly at or Instagram: @evan.l.j

Bee Collins

Bee Collins of Glorious Movement Yoga in Lebanon, Oregon is also a Love Yoga Studio teacher. She currently teaches at Hollywood Studios in Lebanon and also online with Love Yoga Studios Virtual Studio. Bee leads a slow flow vinyasa practice infused with challenging opportunities and deep relaxation for every level. Her practice takes you through the full range of body, mind, heart and soul.

Sarah Tierce

Sarah Tierce brings a practical, positive, practice to Monday nights with her Gentle Vinyasa flow class. She blends in words of encouragement and inspiration that stay with you long after the practice has ended. She is a wife and mother of 5 so – no small task – which probably lends itself to her ability to create and hold space for others.