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Art Show and Road Race!

Friday, December 10th, 5-8pm.  The Art of Yoga.  Live yoga demonstrations and fine art exhibit.  If you’re curious, hesitant or new to yoga, stop by and see what it’s all about and discover the exquisite work of local artists.  Special event pricing available.

Also remember to get out and run…or walk before filling up on Thanksgiving morning.  See post below for Oregon Mid Valley Road Race at North Albany Village.  Start your day at 8am with a few Sun Salutations!

Which class should you come to?

Gentle? Level 1 or Level 2?   

Gentle is for those who have never tried yoga before, or those that have a physical limitation, an injury or those that just want to increase their flexibility.  You will learn deep breathing techniques, gentle stretches and do some ‘extreme relaxation’.  (I know… oxymoron)  

Level 1 is where you can learn the basic structure and alignment of the standing poses.  This class flows from one posture to the next, incorporating the breathing techniques as well.  If you feel capable of bending, kneeling, getting up and down off the mat and balancing on one foot for a few seconds at a time you are more than ready for this class.  If at any time you feel you’re ‘in over your head’, (i.e. in forward fold)…we offer modifications along the way to accomodate for all levels of flexibility and strength.

Level 2 is for those with some yoga experience.  We’ll explore the postures a little deeper and incorporate some of the advanced poses.  Even the advanced poses have modifications so if you feel you’re ‘not quite there yet’…. don’t let that stop you.  This is how you get there!  Try this class if you feel comfortable in Level 1 and want to see a different style of class.  It’s always good to mix things up a bit!    Oh…

By the way, ALL the classes include the ‘extreme relaxation’…. whew!

Live Yoga Demonstrations

The live demonstrations at our ‘open house’ Friday night were a big hit!  So much so, that we plan to do that again.  Watch for announcements later this month for the next free yoga demo night.    New classes:  Farmer Yoga (men only) starting Wednesday, November 17th at 7:30am; and Mommy and Me classes coming soon!  Call or email if you’re interested in either of these classes.

Holiday Happenings

I know it’s a bit early… but downtown is decorating this week so we’re getting festive.  We’re lining up our yoga demonstrators for Friday night.  There will be no Thursday noon class but we will be open Thursday night for the “unwrapping of downtown” and Friday night for our “open house”.  (see invite below)  Hope to see you there!

Weekend Retreat!

Sorry no Saturday classes tomorrow…Yoga Retreat this weekend! Yoga, hiking and great food! Trial run for our official weekend retreats. Pics coming soon.  Ask about signing up for the next one!   (Remember November 5th for open house demos and giveaways! 5-8pm.)

Yoga – Free and Fun

Friday, November 5th.  5-8pm.  Free yoga demonstrations; mini meditations and of course the most important part… food, drinks and gifts.  As we continue to create awareness both on the mat and outside the studio, we hope you will join us to celebrate!  Stop by, check out the studio, watch a live yoga class in action.  Don’t be afraid.  You can just observe.  Sign up for a chance to win free gifts and class passes too!

New scheduling system

We’re testing the new online scheduling system, so there may be a few kinks to work out.  Check out the October schedule under CLASSES & PASSES!  As we become hi-tech yoginis, you are always welcome to sign up the ‘old fashion’ way… by dropping in!