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What we’re doing for Veteran’s Day, and why

Meet our newest teacher Evan Johnson, Husband, Father of two, Combat Infantry Veteran, Brown Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, Certified Yoga Teacher.

This is not your Mother’s yoga teacher from the 60s. (But he has been my Mother’s yoga teacher for the past few Fridays! ; )

I have two great uncles that were on the USS Arizona. Their pictures and letters clearly portrayed two handsome, lively, optmistic, brave young men. (Pictured here with three sisters). Respecting the sacrifice has never been my concern.

Yet I’m a little torn every year about what to do at the studio on Veteran’s Day. There are national organizations highlighting Veteran Yoga programs everywhere and especially at this time of year. But when I think about the life of a Veteran, I feel completely inadequate just offering a discount on a yoga class in November.  But we do that too.

(We’ve actually always offered Veteran discounts all year long since we opened but I haven’t done a very good job of making that very well known). Plus I never really expected a Veteran to take my word for it that yoga would be helpful.
Until now.

Evan arrived with a little insight on all of the above. So I asked for his advice, and he agrees. Yoga works. Breathing better is crucial. Having a dedicated place to concentrate is helpful. Everyday. All year long. Not just November 11th.

And in fact, while holding a special class this month might pique one’s interest… it isn’t an accurate experience of how yoga truly helps. One class could be a game changer. IF it’s a great experience. But it takes a few classes to really get started, a few weeks to notice a significant difference and a few months to understand it. To really get it.  

Breathing and moving with a focus on relaxing has been proven to literally change your mind, your body and retrain your nervous system. If you haven’t tried it, you’re just prolonging the inevitable relief that’s possible.

You’d think all this would be leading up to a fabulous class on Veteran’s day with Evan.

But it’s not.

We are open tomorrow for all our regularly scheduled classes.
In fact, I just this minute remembered that I’m subbing the Gentle class tomorrow night! lol.

What I’m leading up to is this:

Evan is here for you. If you or someone you know is a veteran who’s interested or has questions. Feel free to contact us and we’ll connect you, or you can contact him directly below. He’s also willing to give tours of the studio, explain the terminology, demonstrate a few postures and breathing techniques so that someone could feel the benefits immediately.  We want to offer continuous introductory classes, customized practices, ongoing education and genuine encouragement from someone who’s been there.

Veteran Intro Sessions: No obligations. No commitments. No pressure. Just Info, a tour and a chance to consider if yoga might be helpful for you.  He currently teaches a basics class on Fridays at 9:30am. If you’d like to contact him directly, email: or follow him on IG: evan.l.j
Or, contact us at and we’ll connect you.

Let us know how we can help,

: )

Veteran’s Day Schedule:
Basics with Erin 9:30am
Gentle with Suz 5:30pm
Strong Flow with Erin 7:00pm

Are you torturing yourself unnecessarily?

Here’s a quick update on the UnGrinching, my sabbatical and what’s coming next!

If you’re new here… Welcome to Love!

We usually send out emails more often with lots of useful and entertaining info around how not to torture yourself . . . and to practice taking really good care of yourself instead. But as some of you know, I’ve been on a sabbatical this month. Trying to do just that! (Which means less emails).

And it looks as if it’s been all unicorns and rainbows, right? Well at least all forest bathing and wave watching.  It hasn’t.  But it’s been eye opening to say the least. But before I get in to any of that…. here’s a quick update on the UnGrinching and what happens next!


It’s almost time to tally up the hearts on your Grinch Cards and find out! And in case you missed out… there’s still time!  You might not get the MOST stamps, but you still might win one of the LOVESTRONG swag bags! (I’ve been shopping ; )

So GET YOUR GRINCH ON and get in here!  You can create that amazing deep sense of calm and clarity that your mind and body are craving! Winners announced on Oct. 31st! 

After that, we’ll be introducing more fun Holiday Shenanigans that help us all to connect, practice and feel amazing all year long… not just after the kids are back in school and the holidays are over! Lol… this year… I intend to enjoy every single day of the holiday season.  And for those of you that know me… or experience that struggle yourself… you’ll get it.

I’m still not going to participate in offering candy to strange and creepy children that knock at the darkness in my neighborhood. I’m still not going to shop frantically  shoving knick knacks into sacks for savings on Black Friday. And I’m not going to freak out over every piece of holiday gourmet that crosses my path over the coming season. Because the wreath cookies my mom makes are the best things to ever happen to December. E V E R. (Plus, there will be more of Yats’s Truffles).

What I WILL be doing . . . . is Walking more. Sleeping better. And Practicing. Practicing  all the smart and soulful things I’ve learned through yoga and meditation and creating new and wonderful LOVESTRONG experiences for all of us to enjoy together.

Be back soon!

: )

Much Love,

p.s. Oh! I almost forgot. The new list of LOVESTRONG Hikes is coming up this week.  We’re thinking Koosah, Horserock, Alsea and more!  Remember… these are not endurance challenges. They are our way of getting outside without torturing ourselves! If I can do it. You can do it. Seriously. Talk to me about these if you’re at all curious. And watch your email in the next two days for the list so you can save the dates!

From Crossfit to Crystals in 3 days

1st stop. Cross fit is no joke! (Pics below).  Last weekend I went to a BREATHING clinic… at a crossfit gym in Los Angeles. I didn’t realize we’d be doing all the cross fit things throughout the day.

(*Before I get into that… remember the UnGrinching starts today and in order to win the $100 REI Gift card and other cool swag on Halloween … you gotta get your Grinch Card. Scroll down!)

As this was the first time I’d ever been in a crossfit gym… my body feels like it was there for a week!  Rowing machines, kettlebells, jump ropes? Pull up bars, boxes and burpees, oh my!  Oh and yea, we did a little breathing in between reps.  (FYI: The birth of competitive kettleball lifting is dated to 1885, with the founding of the Russian “Circle for Amateur Athletics”. I’m definitely an amateur, but also proud to say I held my own!).

So the breathing clinic was absolutely scientific validation for everything we’ve been teaching at Love about the importance of breathing.

  •     Exhaling matters. 
  •     Relaxation Heals.
  •     Consistent Practice Delivers Results

What Results?  
Less stress, less tension, more balance, more clarity, better circulation, better recovery, lower bp and the list goes on.

These are significantly powerful, noticeable and scientifically measurable results in your entire system.

All from Breathing!

I’ll be back soon with an all new LoveStrong Breathing Clinic just for you.  (No Crossfit needed).  Because I want everyone to feel the incredible difference between autonomic breathing for every day survival… and conscious intentional breathing for thriving in every moment. 

2nd Stop. Relaxation
I headed to a Restorative yoga class with Phoebe at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica. As expected… it was complete and total relaxation to the sounds of some traditional kirtan and the Beatles LOVE Revolution. Perfect.

3rd Stop. The Crystals
Then I wrapped it all up with a 9pm New Moon Meditation at Unplug Meditation Studio with Heather. I left with crystals, candles and mind blowing clarity that sparked the sweetest, conversations around the meaning of meditation. Which reminded me of the Soul Compass meditation we started with at the beginning of this year.  I’ll be back with more on that too!

So back to: UNGRINCHING WITH LOVE. It starts today! (10/1 – 10/31)
To UnGrinch the holidays a bit… lessen the stress and jazz up the joy… we’re adding classes and contests to connect, encourage and uplift each other as much as possible! All ya gotta do is get your Grinch card stamped each time you come to class and you’ll be entered to win that many times. More if you catch a teacher in your class!  We hope you enjoy this as much as we plan to!

Much Love,
: )

p.s. I didn’t get any pics of me with the kettleballs but trust me… 45 burpees with kettleball runs while holding your breath is not attractive! But here’s a few to prove I was there. (And yes, that’s me laying on the crossfit floor… ew. The things I do for you).


Holidays & Sabbaticals

Three holiday happenings!

1. Win a Gift card to REI and LoveStrong swag… during October!

2. UnGrinching 2019. Get your GRINCH CARD!

3. My personal sabbatical starts right now… BRB. (Scroll down to see how this is gonna work!)


I know first hand how tough the holidays can be with everything from split and blended families, loss of loved ones, money stress, gifting pressure, relatives and the holiday music that’s already making our ears bleed. The second camp, however is already shining their snowglobes. They deck the halls, bask in the baking, strategize their shopping and swoon over Bing’s Silver Bells.

If that’s YOU, I’m genuinely envious

So two years ago I tried to change my own mind about the holidays. (and chair pose). We celebrated all the holiday festivities and dubbed it the UNGRINCHING with LOVE project. And it worked! It was actually fun! It was the best holiday season I could remember in a long time and many of YOU said the same thing. Then last year, our UnGrinching project got cut short, so this year we’re back at it and we’re coming in hot with the Grinch cards so that YOU and all the Love Yoga teachers can encourage and uplift each other as we dive into the holidays this year!

2.  GRINCH CARDS.  Pick yours up at the studio so you have a constant reminder that practicing yoga makes you feel good. Drawing on Oct. 31st at 9pm.

TWO ways to fill your Grinch Card.
a.  Every time you come to class you get a stamp.
b.  If you see a teacher also taking that class, you get another!

This is how we stay connected, uplifted, supported and less Grinchy. And the lucky winners get a shot at the REI card plus LoveStrong swag! (Get your Grinch Card this week- Starts Oct. 1st.)

3.  My 1ST EVER SABBATICAL starts this week. Don’t worry, I’m not going to miss out on all the festivities. While y’all are gearing up with your Grinch cards I’m going to be at a couple of short trainings and then taking the rest of the time to ‘sabbat’ or whatever you call it? 

While I’m away . . .  You get to experience more of Yatsui, Hanawalt, Haley and Christina. You’ll see some new faces in the Karma classes and a brand new face with Evan stepping in for my Wednesday mornings! 


I’ll fill you in as much as I can along the way… but from what I’ve learned about sabbaticals, I should have no real plan, zero expectations, infinite ideas and a heart full of joy.  I also have a tiny bit of angst but …  I’m going to practice what I teach: 

I’m going to embrace the unknown, breathe through the hesitations, ponder the possibilities and create as much flow as possible with the intention that this sabbatical time works it’s magic on my creativity. . . and my chair pose.  If all goes well, I should be back in time to trick or treat!

Much Love, 

: )


p.s. If you’ve ever taken a sabbatical… I’m totally open to suggestions or ideas. 

From the blog: Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm

I use to avoid cliches like the plague (see what I did there?) but lately – because there seems to be SO many in the wellness world, I’ve been curious to see where they came from and why they’re still around. I’m finding all kinds of reasons why their ‘actions speak louder than words’. lol. So if you’re interested to know what I’ve found, there’s no time like the present….

Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm. This is probably my ALL Time favorite one ever and I just learned about it last year. SO many of us are doing this! Right now! Putting yourself last. Letting everyone else decide. Going out of your way to help. Wearing yourself thin (lol) while taking care of others. It’s exhausting, overwhelming and NOT sustainable. What will you do about this? Read on . . . .

The answer is inside of you.  Uh huh. Great. Super helpful. So is road rage, insecurity, fear and doubt. Those are probably getting in the way of us finding the answers… which is why we meditate.  When we meditate, once we get the hang of it and stop dreaming about pizza… a lot of the noise falls away and then some ideas pop up out of seemingly … nowhere? (For some of you this might happen when you’re driving, showering, vacuuming, running…. external noise falls away and we can hear ourselves think). We might get a glimpse of brilliance, a momentary burst of excitement, a huge epiphany. Something in there leads us to the… answers.

Love is the answer.  Okay, I whole heartedly believe this one right? Duh. But even at a deeper level there is scientific proof that loving thoughts, feelings and actions lead to a release of all the natural feel good chemicals in our bodies and brains. Plus, even the effort of searching for something to feel appreciation for, also releases the same. So even if you’re not feeling super loving right this minute… if you try to think of something you CAN feel that way about… you’ll still get the reward. E for Effort! Find love everywhere.

Do what you Love, Love what you do. See above ; )
This also ties in with the research around flow states. (I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing me talk about flow… #notsorry). Because when you find something you simply love to do… and it mesmerizes you to the point that you lose track of time, forget to eat and it never gets old…. you’re in flow and your brain release even MORE feel good chemicals.  The Flow Genome guys call this the Flow Cocktail. When you get a blast of this flow cocktail… you’re unstoppable! Kind of like how I feel when writing these emails! ; )

Better safe than sorry. I actually could go on all day with these… there’s a ton! But I don’t want to risk losing you completely and I have places to go on this beautiful Sunday. But don’t worry, I’ll be back with more of these another time because so many of them really do find their way into our practices… and some of them are kind of helpful.

Only time will tell
Nerves of steel
Laughter is the best medicine
Every cloud has a silver lining

From the bottom of my heart . . . (I can’t stop….)
Much Love,

; )

p.s.  August is Bring a Friend for FREE… all month long! No obligations, just hanging out with friends who like flow. Thank you so much for being part of LOVE!





Blog Post: Embarassing or Empowering?

I shared some embarrassing things in class yesterday… BECAUSE my embarrassing stories became empowering when I realized that I survived them. Think of an embarrassing moment… or an awful experience you’ve had. Could be something traumatic or something trivial, it doesn’t matter. Remember how it felt like it was a life changer? Well, it was – if you realize that you survived it. (savor that for a moment). The trick now is to not continually ‘re-live’ it.

And KNOWING you survived something does two things:

1. It gives you a story you can share to help others see that it’s survivable.

2. It empowers you to know that if you survived that, you can survive this. Or whatever comes next.
Because the reality is … you will survive everything that comes your way until the one time you don’t, right? (I warned you not to take my advice today, I’m in deep water here).

My advice yesterday was on fire: Learn about your nervous system. Use your breath to retrain it. Create more flow. Do more things you love so you’ll feel more loving more of the time, then there will be less room in your life for fear and worry. That’s great f#@%ing advice and it’s helped me a ton!

My advice today is still simmering: Run as far from everything as you can and only listen to yourself. Solitude matters! Nobody else’s advice will suffice because we are designed to save ourselves first. (it’s not selfish, it’s human nature). So when someone offers you their advice, recognize that it’s most likely something that works great for them. Swell. They can share it with you and you can try it but first run away and feel it for yourself. Then decide for yourself.

Ask yourself…what works for ME?
WHAT does MY heart want?
(Thanks, Sabrina ; )
(Soul Compass Workshop v.2 coming in August)

The moral of this message is… I’ve been completely embarrassed and humiliated at times and completely on fire at times. I’ve consulted everyone I know and I’ve run away to consult myself. And I get the very best advice from ME every single time. Try it. Especially while practicing yoga. (Crow pose for example, see below)

Take our instruction, take suggestions, take the opportunity to explore. But please, please, please, decide for yourself. Once you learn the ins and outs of the yoga practice… you’ll start to feel what’s for you and what’s not. This is where the magic happens! Where you start deciding more often what’s best for you, on and off the mat.

Much Love,
: )

p.p.s. Crow Pose is a perfect example of embarrassing vs. empowering. I can’t tell you how many people have beamed for days after they hold their first crow pose. I also can’t count the number of times we’ve watched you all fall out of crow and feel a little embarrassed. But when you fall out, it inspires someone else to try. (isn’t that strange human behavior also? Your ‘failure’ inspires someone else) LOL.  Crow Workshop. This Saturday. 10:30am. Sign up here now! Come check it out. It might be your greatest embarrassment, your greatest inspiration or just an all around great time.

July Holiday and 3 Schedule Updates

Greetings Love Yogis!  

For the 4th of July, we will have our usual morning class celebrating freedom with breathing and moving…. and NO Evening classes.

1. We are continuing our Summer School at Love!Your chance to check out different approaches, ease into new territory and ask any questions that occur along the way. We keep fun, lighthearted, safe and sustainable so you can up your game.

2. Upcoming events


Kids Yoga  Saturday, 7/6  11am, Drop ins $5

Courage to Crow with Erin Yatsui
Saturday 7/13 10:30am. Drop ins $20

Yoga & Knit Night with Erin Yatsui
Saturday, 7/13 4:00pm. Members Free, Drop in $16

Inversions/Arm Balances with Sabrina
Saturday, 7/27 10:30am. Drop ins $20

Sign Up Here!

3. And here’s a quick look at our weekly schedule you can screen shot and save to your phone or computer. (good idea, right?)  ; )


Starting Over with Email and Videos

Hi, it’s me, Suzanne.

Long Story Short. We’re starting over… again. It’s part of running a business.
(continue reading or watch video here: )

We have a NEW Email system for the studio. We’ve tried 5 email providers in the past 9 years. I’ve spent the past 6 days searching, sorting and importing to get us all here. We’re hoping this one is the best. (Subscribe here: )

If it’s been a while since you’ve been here you should know… we now have 2 studio rooms, softer floors, a/c, 15 + teachers, 2 massage therapist and an acupressurist. We offer yoga, meditation, teacher training, retreats, mindful health coaching and employee wellness programs.

Our Yoga for Anxiety class and other video courses will be available online for you to practice in the comfort of your own home very soon.

And our Summer Solstice celebration is this Friday night, 5:30-7:30pm, if you’d like to check any of that out. (For the Solstice, sign up ahead of time to be entered to win one of our 3 LoveStrong Packs, or just drop in and say hello!)

Have a great week!

: )


p.s. You can always unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails.

p.p.s. You can always subscribe here




Spit happens, Mary Poppins

Someone said to me recently, ‘you’ve had a hell of a year and yet you seem to be doing better than okay’.

I hadn’t really thought that much about it. But now looking back… I guess I’ve done some things in the past 12 months. I bought the Subaru, turned 50, launched LoveStrong Adventures, brought on 5 new teachers, retreated to Maui, came back to face losing my Dad, started off the New Year saying goodbye and then shortly after, said hello to a whole new cool clan from the York side of our family thanks to a little spit kit. And now we’re back in teacher training creating brand new yoga teachers for the fall. The world keeps spinning.

Sounds like a lot when ya put it that way. I’m sure if you went back over your last 12 months many of you would gather similar activities because… life.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here to say that I think there are two kinds of people in the world. Yep just two. That’s it.

There are people who enjoy most of life and people who don’t.

My Son argues this with me often but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my email, so I’m going to boldly and unapologetically state my opinion here.

There is Always a Silver Lining, Rose colored glasses help, my glass is always half full and Mary Poppins is my hero. (Can you imagine that?)

He doesn’t disagree with all of this. He just says it’s not that simple. Not everyone can hum a supercalifragilistic song and make all their troubles go away. I counter with yes…but it’s a start!

He’s a happy kid. I’m a happy Mom. But it wasn’t always this way. I dug my heels in early to figure out how to be calmer, happier & stronger. (Found yoga, practiced, let go of a bunch of s#it, nourished my mind, retrained my brain, love my life, became a super parent! Yada, yada, you’ve already heard it).

He knows how to find a silver lining. Even if he still rolls his eyes at me. Just yesterday… he was stressed about some things, so we went to dinner where he charmed the waitress for a special dessert like a 4 year old. And while we were there… someone keyed his car.

He modified the song a bit… Supercalifu#&alistic!

Looking back… It’s a combination of self awareness, self-care and self love that makes you the kind of person that can find their own silver lining. So yeah, it’s been a year… s#it happens, silver linings appear and I keep practicing.


Here’s a few of mine:

I stopped having hourly hot flashes. Brew Dr. has a new Power Flower Flavor. I’ve seen more of Oregon in the past 6 months with LoveStrong hikers, than I have my entire life. The peonies I planted a year ago are actually blooming this week! (see below). I feel closer to my family than I have in recent years. And strangely, I feel more connected to my Dad. We have the best group of Love Teachers that did everything for me throughout this past winter. Everything. I recently watched the latest Mary Poppins movie and I highly recommend it over GOT for the uplifting vibe and adorable animation. Aaaand….. best of all…

I now know with more conviction than ever that my practices have created a more resilient version of me. One that embraces change, challenge and the unexpected. Ship-Shape, Spit-Spot.


“Everything is possible, even the impossible”, Mary P.


Upcoming Opps to practice with Love!
Signing up early really helps us out).

  May 19th Beazell/Mary’s Peak Hike 
  June 8th Summer Ayurveda Workshop
  June 9th Blair Lake Hike 
  June 15th Summer School with Love begins
  June 15th Sound Bath with Viola Rose
  Plus, Summer School!


So, when life’s a real pea souper, 
you must choose to be a trouper
For your life comes with a lifetime guaranteeeeeee (MP)

Are we really all connected? You decide . . .

Was it Science, Fate or Magic? Does it matter? Aren’t we all truly connected in some way?  Doesn’t every experience broaden your horizons and give you the opportunity to live more fully? This one did.
Here’s a short story about the power of connection, the power of love and the power of DNA when you don’t let the stats stop you and you embrace all the possibilities.
It started with a barn dance in January 1943. The facts are few. The details vague at best. #younglove
A baby girl was born September 22nd 1943 on the Olympic peninsula and was immediately and unexpectedly transported to her new loving family in Spokane. No records. No history. No explanation. 
75 years later she and I matched on Ancestry DNA. 
You might call that science.  #thescienceoflove
In 2010, My grandma passed down a family secret to my mom. Grandma’s sister, Bette, had a love child. (That’s the story we’ve settled on based on the clues of a forbidden teen age affair). Mom began to search for this child but with everyone involved deceased and the fact that it was a well kept secret… there was simply no information to be had. She even tried the ancestry DNA tests. No luck.  #lovewillfindaway
Fast forward 2019: Somehow MY own DNA tests revealed a possible match to both my mom and myself. A 75 year old Mother of three and Nanna of five with a mild curiosity about her own beginnings, matched with me. She wasn’t avidly searching. But her story was our missing link.  She was born on the peninsula in 1943 and was looking for biological mother. (Why hadn’t my Mom’s DNA matched earlier? It had, we just missed the connections).  You might call that fate. #thepoweroflove
More investigation and three weeks later my Mom and her cousin Susann and their families met for the first time in Scottsdale, AZ. We all had similar hesitations… were they good people? Would we like each other? Would they be sketchy or sweet? Turns out they do not sell heroin, they sell essential oils. Whew! #youngliving
The similarities were uncanny and immediately obvious. They are more like sisters than cousins. The gestures, the smiles, their laugh, their vocabulary, the same number of children and grandchildren. Similar interests. Even similar passwords! And the list goes on.  #separatedatbirth
We were also fortunate to have met Susann’s gracious and welcoming family and found many other familial similarities. But we forgot to get photos of all of us together. #we’llmeetagain
Our little reunion of families connected effortlessly and formed a few new branches on two family trees. It was fun and fascinting. But most importantly… and pleasantly surprising to all of us, was how easy and natural it all felt. It was a heartwarming experience to say the least. You might call that the magic. #themagicoflove
So the science was there, fate brought us all together and the connections were magical.
#wearefamily #lovewillkeepustogether #seewhatididthere
Sound a little farfetched?  You decide….