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Thanksgiving Day Yoga – ‘Visitors’ stretch for FREE!

Visiting from out of town?  Drop in at 10am for all levels yoga on Thanksgiving day morning!    
Bring the family … or escape from the family…. your choice!   Family in from out of town?…. bring ’em with you for FREE
We will be closed on Friday … but back on the mat Saturday & Sunday with our regularly scheduled classes! 


New class times this week…try them out for FREE and see what works with your schedule!    

Tuesday 7:30am Yoga Basics.   If early morning is your preference…here it is!   We’re not sure if 7:30am is early enough for you…so let us know!

Wednesday 4:30pm Yoga Basics  Late afternoon… after work, before dinner, still time to get outside and garden!

Oh!  Also remember to sign up for ‘UNWIND BY THE VINE’ by July 21st!  You won’t want to miss this excursion with nature, yoga and wine!  (See last post for more info, or contact us directly).