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Thanksgiving Day Yoga – ‘Visitors’ stretch for FREE!

Visiting from out of town?  Drop in at 10am for all levels yoga on Thanksgiving day morning!    
Bring the family … or escape from the family…. your choice!   Family in from out of town?…. bring ’em with you for FREE
We will be closed on Friday … but back on the mat Saturday & Sunday with our regularly scheduled classes! 

Love Yoga Fall Schedule 2012: Pilates, Sunday Classes and class changes!

Notes for November:  

  • Cristy O’Connor and Pilates are here!  Tuesday early morning, Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays at 9:30am! (replacing the yoga class on Thursday morning).
  • Erin Mitchell and Restorative Yoga are also here!  Erin will be teaching the Friday morning basics and the Sunday evening restorative on most Sunday nights.    More info on both new teachers coming soon!
  • Two Cancellations: 
    Thursday morning October 25th 9:30am:  No class.  Pilates will take this space starting in November.
    6am classes postponed until further notice
  • THANKSGIVING MORNING YOGA:  Be grateful, Be fabulous and be ready for family!  10:00am.  Please let us know if you plan to attend.

   Click here for a printable PDF with rates and class descriptions:   November 2012

LOVE YOGA Changes & Choices!

It’s time for change! IF you haven’t been to the studio in a while…there’s a LOT to check out!
New teachers, new classes, new mats and new passes! And a new website (still working out the kinks here).
Check out the website and facebook for more details, free giveaways, fun field trips, workshops and more!
Here’s a list of the NEW classes we are adding:

Mon/Wed 6-7am Vinyasa Flow level 1-2 class taught by Rachel Sandstrom
(starts Sept. 5th)
Saturday 10:30-11:30am Strong Vinyasa Flow level 2 class taught by Mara Nery
Sunday morning 10:30-11:30 Vinyasa Flow all levels – rotating teachers
Wednesday night 7:15pm Yin Style Yoga all levels – taught by Mara Nery

Tuesday night’s Groove moved to 6pm. Vinyasa Basics moved to 7:15pm


Yoga in North Albany Tuesday November 1st

Here’s a sneak preview of the new studio in North Albany!  We’re almost ready, just adding the final touches.  Beginning Tuesday, November 1st all of our classes will be at the Hickory Station Location at 630 Hickory Street, next to Brewster’s.    REMEMBER THIS WEEK:  FREE Hot Yoga Thursday night at 7pm.  Lululemon Trunk Show Saturday at 10:00am.  FREE Hot Yoga intro and class Sunday at 1pm.     

Share this post with all your friends and we’ll see you on the mat! 

Love Yoga to open in North Albany November 1st!

Please join us as we open our studio in North Albany next to Brewster’s Restaurant across from the Ray’s Shopping Center.  We will have FREE introductory HOT YOGA classes and a Lululemon Trunk Show during the first week of November.  Please enter your email at the right to receive the update for these events over the next few weeks! (click below to enlarge)


Sleep better, breathe better, feel better with Yoga

Yoga might possibly be the most perfect form of exercise:  It cultivates cardiovascular health and musculo-skeletal strength and flexibility without the painful and damaging side effects of high impact activity.  It tunes up every organ system-respiratory, digestive, reproductive, endocrine, lymphatic and nervous.  It cultivates the body’s capacity to relax and dramatically reduces the negative effects of stress.   With regular practice, we breathe better, sleep better, digest better and feel better.  And the best part for many Americans, is that none of these amazing results require years of training.  The benefits are immediately noticeable. 

We are, by and large, a practical people.  Yoga is a practical endeavor.     (Stephen Cope, author ‘The Wisdom of Yoga’.


New class times this week…try them out for FREE and see what works with your schedule!    

Tuesday 7:30am Yoga Basics.   If early morning is your preference…here it is!   We’re not sure if 7:30am is early enough for you…so let us know!

Wednesday 4:30pm Yoga Basics  Late afternoon… after work, before dinner, still time to get outside and garden!

Oh!  Also remember to sign up for ‘UNWIND BY THE VINE’ by July 21st!  You won’t want to miss this excursion with nature, yoga and wine!  (See last post for more info, or contact us directly).

Unwind by the Vine – Yoga at Namaste Vineyards!

Join us for a refreshing outdoor yoga practice overlooking the beautiful Willamette Valley at Namaste Vineyards in Dallas, OR.  (just west of Salem). 

Complete the afternoon by tasting the delightful wines:  Serenity Chardonnay, the Abundance Pinot Noir, Peace or Harmony.  A light meal will also be provided.  $25 if you sign up by July 15th.  ($35 after that).  Contact Love Yoga to reserve a mat, or bring your own.  For more information or to purchase tickets:  loveyoga@comcast.net  (541) 971-8244.