Do you ask yourself...
Can I do this? Should I?
Is it worth it? Am I ready ?

I asked myself these questions for way too long. Many people ask themselves if they are experienced enough? Strong enough? Fit enough? Calm enough? Good enough to teach?

This is why we offer the 100 pre-training plus the 200 and 300 hour trainings. You are probably more ready than you think, but if you're hesitant, you can start with the pre-training training.

After 10 years of trainings, I KNOW that if you can breathe and talk and you're willing to practice... I can teach you to teach.
Age, size, experience, strength, none of that matters. What matters is that you learn what you don't know, uncover your unique way of sharing it and then practice.

And THAT . . . is what I help you do.
Next Session begins December 5th!

Why This Training?

Our LoveStrong training is the only
200/300 hour combo in the valley!

Scroll down for dates & costs.  
It fulfills all Yoga Alliance requirements
plus includes even more exciting modules:

The neuroscience of yoga
Meditation training
Relaxation Therapy
Portland Yoga Tour
Monthly Unlimited passes
Practice class space after training
Ongoing Mentorship and online group
and more!


We use a hiking analogy to illustrate our philosophy because even if you’re not outdoorsy, you understand the value of a trail guide. In fact, especially if you’re not outdoorsy… like myself.  It was the strength and courage I’ve developed from my yoga practice that led me to create LoveStrong Adventures… (for mildly adventurous people). Thus furthering the analogy and demonstrating the power of this practice. 

So, in order to be a yoga teacher or a respected trail guide, you must have your own personal experience. And you must know it well enough to lead with clarity, confidence, enthusiasm and encouragement. You need to be able to educate, communicate and protect those you lead. WOULD YOU WANT TO HIKE MT. HOOD WITH A LESS EXPERIENCED GUIDE?  Nope.

LoveStrong training focuses on YOU, your path and your ability to share your experiences. It’s a chance to explore your inner terrain, to gain more experience and hone your skills starting with look at your current experience and where we can best guide you in communication, 

Once you discover your own path in life, the trail expands and you become more of an explorer, a guide, a teacher, a leader that lights the way for others. 

You’ll never regret investing in yourself because even if you decide not to lead, you will discover your own path along the way. And that is ultimately everyone’s goal.  

Getting Started

At Love Yoga, every level is welcome and becoming a teacher is not required.

Please review the outlines below and read the fine print for costs, schedules and requirements. Then fill out our online application to receive our orientation packet, no obligation.

For scholarship and payment plan info, please contact Suzanne directly:


Find out more or get started with our free info session at Love Yoga Studios. Next Training Session will be Fall 2020

6 Mo. Training

Eight 2-day weekends between
January and May See Dates Above
Training Days run from
9am - 5:30pm. Attend studio classes of your choice twice a week throughout the training. Yoga Alliance Certified.


3 week immersion option. Coming in 2020 Email Suzanne directly if interested in this option as dates are being considered.

The Fine Print

Full Payment discount available
Financial Plans available
Applications, Terms & Cancellation policies are required

with any questions

LoveStrong Training 200/300 hour
exceeds all YA reqs for methodology, techniques and practice.

Anatomy, Alignment & Foundations, 
Neuroscience of Yoga & Meditation, 
Open Soul Guided Meditation
Portland Yoga Tour,
Pranayama/Breathing 101
Karma projects, Injury analysis, 
History & philosophy of yoga
Sanskrit, Chakras & Mantras
Stress Management, Yoga for Anxiety
Relaxation & Resilience Therapy. 
Specialty sections for Moms/Kids

200 Hour YA approved Vinyasa Flow Training

6 month program with online training group support, live, in-person weekend intensives to connect, study, learn and practice sharing yoga with others. Twice weekly classes. The option for a Completion Certificate or a Yoga Alliance Certification depending on whether you are here wanting to teach or  to deepen your own personal practice. 


Ask about our

Payment PlanS

300 Hour YA approved Advanced Study Program

Our 300 hour program can be combined with our 200 hour program for a combo discount and to create a deep and consistent immersion into the practice. 

Completion of any 200 hour program and demonstration of current teaching level is required. 

Eight month advanced studies for teachers to deepen their knowledge, skills & opportunities to share yoga in multiple formats.  Final summary and presentation weekend gives you your own unique focused class or workshop, creatively designed by you, to share.


Ask about our

Payment Plans