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As you can see in the video, it’s simple, it’s sensible, it’s soulful. Yoga is a state of mind with real physical benefits. You can move your body, slow down your breathing, challenge yourself, invoke deep relaxation and instantly feel uplifted and centered. This practice is intended to ease pain and bring joy.

How it works

Sign up for classes in our MindBodyOnline system. This gives you access to your passes and our classes. You can always check your pass, your past visits and your account whenever you want! It’s not necessary to sign up ahead of time unless it’s a workshop or special event. However some find that pre-registering helps them practice more consistently.

Why memberships at Love Yoga Studios in Albany Oregon

Why memberships?

Our membership packages give you perks and give us a plan. You get things like 10% off massages and tee shirts, free guest passes and a significant discount on classes! We get to plan ahead knowing you’re with us. Win/Win. If you come even just twice a week, this will save you money!

Get the most out of Love Yoga Studios

Practicing yoga
cultivates calm, confidence, clarity, courage, creativity and compassion.
It’s simple, savvy and soulful.
It helps us to feel Happy, Healthy, Strong and Brave.


We have a t-shirt website. Check it out at We’ve put all the photos up of our guests and others traveling the world with our Love Shirts. Find them on Instagram also (@loveyogatees) and watch for T-Shirt giveaways! #loveyogatees

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