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Things to know about Love Yoga Studios



1. All of our teachers are highly trained, certified, insured and CPR’d.
    Each one has at least 200 hours in Yoga Alliance certifications.
    Most have 500 hours plus hundreds of hours of CE Credit!  

2. ‘
Emails from Suzanne’ (click above) conveys more about who we are plus behind the scenes pics and info. (Also more pics on our IG: @loveyogastudio and FB).

3. We offer 3 Levels of Teacher training – next session starts June/July 2022
     Level 1-Deep Dive/Home study for personal practice.
     Level 2-Workshops for connection and further study
     Level 3-Certification level with benchmarks


4.  Yoga for Anxiety workshop is now a 4 module online course available HERE. Take the course at your own pace. Options in the course to download the free e-workbook, purchase the hardcover Monthly Planner/workbook, 30 Tiny Transformations and the Kids Card Deck.


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Anxiety Relief Online Workshop

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Anxiety Relief Training Online

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