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     * LOVESTRONG Adventures & Retreats
     * LOVESTRONG Teacher Training
     * Teacher Training Immersion
        Albany, Oregon
     * Retreats, Tours & Workshops
        France, Maui, OR.Coast, PDX


Local studio classes

  *  Beginner Series Podcast, PDF & Video (FREE)
  *  Relaxing Classes: Restorative, Nidra, Meditation, Gentle, 
  *  Energetic Classes: Basic, Flow, Strong Flow & Power        
  *  Workshops – all levels: Core, Chakras, Alignment, Inversions
  *  Teacher Trainings (online prep and immersion options)
  *  Yoga for Anxiety – in studio and online



Get the most out of Love Yoga Studios

Practicing yoga cultivates:
calm, confidence, clarity, courage, creativity & compassion.
It’s simple, savvy and soulful.
It helps us feel
Happy, Healthy, Strong and Brave.

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We have a t-shirt website. Check it out at We’ve put all the photos up of our guests and others traveling the world with our Love Shirts. Find them on Instagram also (@loveyogatees) and watch for T-Shirt giveaways! #loveyogatees

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Starting Over with Email and Videos

Hi, it’s me, Suzanne. Long Story Short. We’re starting over… again. It’s part of running a business. (continue reading or watch video here: ) We have

Spit happens, Mary Poppins

Someone said to me recently, ‘you’ve had a hell of a year and yet you seem to be doing better than okay’. I hadn’t really

Yoga for Back Pain

Sunday, May 5th, 11am. No yoga experience necessary. This is not intended to be a medical recommendation or cure. We are addressing minor back pain,

Yoga for Anxiety Workshop

May 11th 10:30am
$20 or use your class pass
Retrain and rejuvenate your nervous system with yoga for anxiety. No prior yoga experience necessary.

The Barn TapHouse and Food Carts!

We’re getting excited for The Barn to open next door. It’s a taphouse and food cart space with indoor/outdoor seating, fire pits, heat towers, covered

On First Street

$5k and 4 weeks experience

I often forget that those of you who are fairly new to Love Yoga… might not know some of the coolest things about the studio

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