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We need to talk . . .

Four words you never wanna hear from someone you’re in a rocky relationship with . . . or do you? Well… we’re not in a rocky relationship, you and I.  In fact, Love Yoga teachers, guests and neighbors all get

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Follow your Bliss . . . in 8 minutes or less

** All April 1st Classes are happening as regularly scheduled: 9:30am flow, 1pm Nidra, 6pm Restorative.  ** Below is the main excerpt from our weekly Love Note. Click here to see our full Love Note with class and workshop announcements.

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Sneak Peek 2018

We are compiling a list of all the events we know are coming up for 2018. So far we’ve gotten through March. We might add a few things as we go along because sometimes opportunities come up that are just

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#surroundedbyLove. 2017. More Love coming in 2018.


Start Fresh at Love Yoga with all the following opportunities! Sugar Shakedown:  Join our Facebook group to connect with us as we kick the sugar for the first 10 days of 2018.  No obligation, no huge commitment plus you get

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Give Love

How to give love to yourself and others? To read and/or receive the newsletter in it’s original form with all the links Go here: Yep, we’re still here with our ‘UnGrinching with Love’ Project.  How’s it going you might

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Mental Magnificence & Holiday Cheer

**UPDATE: The link in the newsletter for the book giveaway does not work. To enter to win one of the 3 copies of the book… click here:   If you’re not already receiving our weekly Love Notes click HERE if

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UnGrinching with Love

  UNGRINCHING:  How & Why? We’re reaching way back to 1959 for this week’s video and it whimsically indicates that we may have collectively needed some ‘UnGrinching’, all along. Every year we hear complaints about the commercialism of THIS season. 

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