$20 for 20 Days

'In Studio' Intro Pass

Unlimited Yoga and Meditation for almost 3 weeks! Your practice will evolve as you get stronger and healthier. You’ll quickly see the difference in how you spend your time, how you show up in the world, and inspire others!

Why Love Yoga Studios?

We make every effort to keep it simple at Love Yoga so you feel welcome, comfortable and free to explore this practice without feeling like the newest person on the block! We’ve been there. So we don’t pressure you. We give you all the information you need and then we practice.

A message from Suzanne

Breathing smarter actually made me stronger. It gave me the physical strength to practice; which gave me the mental space to teach and the courage to train teachers.

I went from anxious to eager in a very short period of time. I went from being afraid of most things, to opening a studio, traveling overseas and many other things I never anticipated. Life got much more interesting and way more fun. Opportunities emerged from my ability to breathe myself into being okay. Anytime I wanted.

If you’re curious and want to try something new, this practice is for you. If you’re overwhelmed, anxious or afraid, this practice is for you. If you could use more balance in your life, this is for you. If you’re not sure how you got here, this practice is for you and about you!

Below you’ll find a few links to some of the latest events we’re offering or books and resources to help you on your path.

The Love Yoga Experience is simple and soulful

When we feel like you’ve got the hang of it, we’re happy to help you up your game and add some challenges that strengthen your body and mind.

We do all of this with the most qualified, well rounded, educated, compassionate instructors in the valley.

LoveStrong Adventures with Love Yoga Studios in Albany, Oregon
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Dates are always being added as we confirm all details for hiking, kayaking, biking, snowshoeing, farm-to-table dinners, coastal retreats, urban yoga tours and more! Let us know if you have suggestions for future excursions and check out the latest events here.