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JANUARY 3rd 6:30pm
$35/$25 for members


This workshop consists of 4 short guided meditations to help us tap into our intuition, connect with our soul and chart a course for 2022 that includes the things we want most out of life. In includes a Soul Compass map and journal for notes.

No resolutions, no deadlines, no obligations. Just free flowing creativity from the soul.
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These are offered every few months.
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What does it mean to be LoveStrong?

LoveStrong is feeling strong enough to live a life you Love.

It’s about getting strong with a simple, smart and compassionate approach. Start with yoga, hiking/walking, connection and nutrition.

Every day you feel stronger both physically and emotionally, you can challenge yourself a little more until at some point you look back and see just how far you’ve come! 

Start with a class or with our LOVESTRONG45 CHALLENGE!
You can join the challenge Anytime!

Watch your Mouth! LOL

 At first glance you probably thought this would be about profanity… one of my favorite topics… because I love all words equally. Nope. It’s literally

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LoveStrong Retreats (on pause as of 3/15/20)

Find the retreat that fits you with Love Yoga Studios. From kayaking, to Portland Yoga Tours, there is a retreat or training for everyone!