Lumeria/Maui LoveStrong Retreat

Maui Relaxation Trip with Love Yoga Studios

LOVESTRONG retreats create the connection between the 8 limbs of yoga and the Hero’s journey to cultivate skills, tools and insight into living LOVESTRONG.

Strong enough to explore new activities and love the process of learning.
Strong enough to change and present enough to embrace the changes.
Strong enough to explore the world and brave enough to experience it.
Strong enough to say what you want to say in the kindest possible way.
Strong enough to love yourself and the heart to do what you know is best.
Strong enough to stand on your own and caring enough to connect to others.
Strong enough to challenge yourself and smart enough to know how far to go.
Strong enough for balance and flexible enough for flow.

This practice takes you through 8 sessions, 24 concepts and 8 questions that empower you to create a life you love in just 8 minutes a day if you choose.

More if you want to feel even better!

Learn the basic fundamentals, the art and science of the practice and the LOVESTRONG philosophy. Feel the difference in your own practice and choose how best to integrate them into your lifestyle.

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