10 Years . . . and now . . .

A Decade of Love.

I graduated high school and moved out when I was 17. I moved to Santa Clara, California and got a job at Sizzler. I worked there for three days scooping sour cream into those little metal tins. It was disgusting.

But before I got that job I partied for three months like a native Californian.  (which coincidentally, I am. Born in South San Francisco)

So my future wasn’t super clear at this point and my 18th birthday was a blur. All I remember is that I asked my Mom for a bus ticket home… and got it. Happy birthday to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Fast forward through brighter days, better jobs, a baby. It and many more birthdays… to TEN years ago this week. I got an early birthday surprise. In August 2010, I completed my yoga teacher training with the expectation that I might teach a couple classes a week where I was working. (Yay, me!). The manager, however, did not like those plans. (Boo, her : (.  They let me go … surprise!

And 9 days later we opened Love Yoga. (Yay, Us!)

I spent the first two days in a little bit of shock. But over the next seven days… I found a space where the landlord (Marc) took a chance on me. I outlined a schedule, made flyers and business cards. Ordered mats, set up utilities, hung up the sign and opened the doors. Another yoga teacher (Marcia) miraculously appeared in the coffee shop next door (Boccherini’s) and offered to teach.


And then some of YOU magically appeared. We held our official grand opening 10 days later … on my actual, 42nd birthday. Thanks, Mom 💚


Birthdays aren’t always what we hope they’ll be. The more of them I have though the more I realize what a gift it is to be a human being on this planet. I’m not saying it’s always a fun gift… but when your odds of becoming a human being over a walrus, a mosquito, a squirrel Or a cow… are rare… it seems like a pretty good gift.


These last nine birthdays though, Have been awesome! We’ve gathered at the studio to celebrate Love Yoga which yes, is an extension of me and my passion for healthy living, connections and feeling good. Feeling Happy, healthy, strong and brave.


We’ve celebrated over the years with Dutch Brothers, Ninkasi brewing, Jollymonz pizza, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Homegrown Oregon foods, No Dinx signature shirts, live music, hula hoops, tree pose challenges, cupcakes, little bonfires, Subaru Love and LoveStrong Hikes! And all our fabulous teachers past and present.

Some of you might remember Mara’s baked goods, Maggie’s Strala class, Laura’s Core kicker, Katie’s chakra bowl restorative, Sabrina’s power flow, Kelly and Anna’s yoga/massage classes, just to name a few.


Instead of a party this year, we’re getting an APP! A real, legit, Apple store App. It should be ready next week. I’ve been holding off writing because I wanted to have a big reveal! I wanted to I nclude all the links to our new schedule, new app, new T-shirts and some kind of plan for a 10 year anniversary celebration. For some reason the stars didn’t align for that just yet. And many of you have been asking what’s up…. so consider this a brief (😂) update.


As you may have noticed recently… We are all living in a bit of limbo. Some have called it a claustrophobic feeling. Some have compared it to Groundhog Day… The movie. LOL. Some are calling it the great pause, others are calling it a vacation and some are caught in a parental nightmare. Whatever this time means to you… It’s not advisable to gather for a big party right now.


So I’m in a bit of limbo also… I don’t have a grand anniversary plan. And I’m okay with that. My plans right now are focused on figuring out how to stay connected with you through our online offerings and keeping the studio open and safe.


I’m thinking we bump the party to a New Years celebration.


I am just so grateful for every single one of you. For each of the last 10 years. For each of these last nine birthdays. Here’s to the next TEN!  (Many of you have asked how it’s going here – that’s another email but for now I can say we are hesitant but definitely optimistic! 😉


I’ll try to write again sooner… Hopefully in a few days with all the links to the new app, the new T-shirts, the new schedules, and a new library of 20 and 30 minute classes. Plus new chakra workshops, a mini teacher training (message me directly for this) and more sound meditations!


We are upgrading and improving all the time… So if you have any special requests for online classes or studio classes now is a great time to let us know. We are totally open to suggestions and able to create pretty quickly to help keep us all connected, calm, encourages and practicing.


Hang in there….

Nobody ever said it would be easy…

They said it would be worth it.