I often think I have all the answers… just ask my son This is why I am SOOOOOO passionate about FLOW.

Because FLOW is a state of mind where everything falls into place almost effortlessly, which naturally resolves a lot of issues in body, mind and soul. (answers).

You know the feeling.

You’re on a roll, in the groove, you’re on fire, time flies, things just click, your energy is FLOWing, you’re completely immersed in whatever you’re doing to the point that nothing else matters.

Maybe you find flow playing pickleball, running, reading, drawing, gardening, skydiving, driving, playing piano, working, traveling, writing…. Yoga’ing.

You are present… in that moment. (which means you’re letting go of everything else).

It feels like everything is OK.

So, if you’re ever feeling stiff, stressed, stuck, sleepless or sick… I believe the answer… is FLOW.

Vinyasa Flow to be specific.
Our specialty here at Love.

A good Yoga Flow gets me out of my head and completely absorbed in what I am doing. At. That. Moment.

Once you access this FLOW state for yourself, you can tap into your own FLOW… anytime you want. Whether it’s yoga, walking, skiing, climbing or baking…

What’s your FLOW activity?