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Yep, that’s right. We’re a teenager.

And we want to celebrate with YOU!

And because we understand what it’s like to be angsty, moody, hormonal, growing in ways that surprise, delight and annoy us . . . we can relate.

I mean puberty, menopause and manopause are all cut from the same cloth.

You heard me guys, this is for you too.

Because we all have challenging things to get through from disappointments to deaths. Ups and downs. Mountains and molehills.

YOGA has taught ME that everything is always changing and the answer is to pause.

To pause long enough to breathe, relax, wait and observe… and things will change. The path will get clearer.

So the better I get at embracing change… the better.

I wish I had learned this SO much earlier in life.

Which is whyyyyy…. we’re offering free yoga to any teenager, any time, any class!

If you know someone 13-19, let’s show them how to embrace change.

How to roll with the punches, go with the flow, enjoy the ride, keep calm and carry on.

How to PAUSE, use their breath, move their body and patiently observe life changing.

It’s the roller coaster of life analogy…. To be brave on the way up, scream on the way down and enjoy the view in between.

Pausing helps.

Breathing helps.

Moving with Intention helps.

Sleeping well helps.

And knowing that I CAN HANDLE IT… helps the most.

I can handle the ride.

No matter what.

And when this coaster finally comes to a stop… I’ll step off gracefully into the unknown because I can.

Because yoga and life taught me that the ride is never over, It wasn’t even real. it’s just changing. And I’m okay with that.

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