5 Reasons to visit Love Yoga… and 5 reason not to?

1.  FREE Intro to Yoga (October 5th @ 1:30).   (6 new classes; 4 new teachers)

2.  YOGA SMART for Kids (Oct. 5th & 19th @ Noon)

3.  Smoothies @ Hot Yoga on select Thursday Nights! (watch FB for specific dates and flavors)

4.  Yoga with your favorite DUTCH BROS PEEPS (Oct. 29th @ 7pm)

5.  It’s not weird.

1.  Afraid?  (Call me. Schedule a private class for your own group of friends)

2.  Low on funds at the moment?  (See # 1 above; Tuesday & Friday nights are 5$; we’ll give you free passes if you let us know.

3.  No time?   (Did you find this post by checking email, scrolling facebook or surfing the net?  Uh huh.)

4.  Yoga’s not really enough of a workout?  (Come to Groove, Power or Hot….I dare you)

5.  Too stiff?  (that’s like saying you’re ‘too muddy to shower’ ? ?).  That’s why we practice yoga…to loosen up, stay strong and be calm.