Life Epiphanies and Shades of Green

I’ve had so many huge life epiphanies in the past few months, it’s been difficult to articulate them in a sensible manner. (hence the lack of emails). Without chapters of context they might not even make sense to you because we all have our own unique experiences. Epiphanies about life, love, yoga and shades of blue.

Every one of these epiphanies did seem to have two common denominators:  Jump for more Joy. And Get more Help, sooner. In everything. Yoga being no exception, so that’s where I’ll start.  (Okay, and hugging more was in there too… but not for sooooo long!)

Over the past couple years, I realized exactly how my life went from fearful and anxious to genuinely LoveStrong. The epiphany was: It was the gradual process of the yoga practice. 

I recognized the process in this practice that I’ve seen in many of you as well. You might be able to identify where you are in this process:

  1. Practicing yoga made me stronger physically which led to
  2. the mental fortitude to challenge myself emotionally which built
  3. resilience that allowed me to focus
  4. to be still and listen. In that stillness
  5. my intuition whispered to me, “Pay attention to those sensations in your heart/gut/bones”.
  6. It said, “Follow them”. That direction gave me
  7. a sense of relaxation and peace in feeling I was headed in the right direction for me.
  8. It didn’t explain everything, it didn’t smooth out the path completely, it just felt good, easy and clear

In the past 3 days, Seven different people in various places in this process, went out of their way to tell me how much our Love Yoga community means to them. The yoga, the people, the space. How good they feel here. How relaxed, empowered, clear and connected. A few of them don’t even live here! This is not unusual. We hear this all the time. It’s not just me that feels this process.

From planks to peace on a path to Joy. From relaxation techniques to personal challenge and growth, to contentment that borders on bliss! Like the lobster  From local parks to steep switchbacks to whimsical waterfalls.  Sounds perfect, right? Don’t get me wronga, it still takes practice. Every day. It’s just clearer to me now, where I am on this trail and why. And that’s an epiphany worth sharing. 

Another recent epiphany was just how many shades of blue there are… sky, twilight, navy, cornflower, midnight, dusty, light, dark, ocean… which got me wondering how many shades of green I could come with? (it’s the little things). Forest, hunter, grass, celery, mint, yellow, leafy, pine, emerald, jade, light, dark, moss.  And I’m pretty sure we’ve used every one of these in past versions of our tee shirts and website. And speaking of our website…
Our website has never looked better!

And if your site needs an upgrade call Travis at Clark5Ventures.  We are very grateful for all his amazing, creative support!

Here’s to our Quest for Joy!

: )