Anxiety Relief Training Online

It was 2 AM! I woke up out of a dead sleep…  I couldn’t catch my breath. My fingers were going numb, my heart was pounding, my neck hurt, my throat felt thick, something was terribly wrong. I didn’t know if I was going to pass out or have a heart attack. I was immediately pissed… because this wasn’t the first time I’d had an anxiety attack. But it was the first time it had woken me up out of a perfectly good night sleep!

Why would I wake up just to pass out?  At this point though, I was 22 years old and I had been through this enough times to at least know what was happening. At this point, I could either call someone or get up and start doing jumping jacks. (Yes, that actually helped at times).

On multiple previous occasions I had ended up in ER and had every possible test. Blood work, EKG, heart monitor, etc… all signs pointed to… PANIC.

That can’t be right. I’m 22. I’m smart. I’m healthy. I can talk myself out of this. I’m not even panicking… WTF.  And then it happened again…. and again… and again. I spent the next 9 years worried, afraid and determined to figure it out.

I. Tried. Everything. Herbal remedies, exercises, medication, meditation, dietary changes and more. I had to dig deep…. and finally go to counseling. They told me this was something I’d have to manage the rest of my life…. again… WTF?

They were wrong. 100%.
(In their defense, a lot has changed in the past few decades)

I’m not saying yoga fixed everything but it definitely led me to everything else that did. (yoga is not required in this course)

It’s now been over 23 years – completely free of anxiety attacks. Nada, zero, nil, none, nothing. Even through I went through childbirth, heartbreaks, job changes, empty nesting, moving, losing my Dad, almost losing the business and surviving 2020, to name a few of the hardest parts.

It seems to me that if I had a mental disorder or a life long affliction, those things would have put me over the edge, right? Nope.

I have never been more sure than I am today that anxiety is sadly misunderstood. And because of this, many people are led to believe that they have a chronic mental disorder. And in many cases… that’s simply not true.

It could be a broken breathing pattern, a faulty focus filter or a severe lack of flow…. or all three!

So I created a short, powerful training course to highlight these possibilities, the evidence behind them and the ways in which they have worked for myself and many, many others. 

It’s designed to eliminate anxiety but it’s also a powerful way to reduce any levels of stress and balance energy.

So if you or someone you know….

Or if you want a better understanding….

You can read more about it here… Anxiety Relief Training

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ps. if you attended one of the live workshops in the past, this is SO much more than a refresher… the link above explains what all is included in the course. Including the daily tips, course workbook and a monthly planner.