Anxiety Relief Training

Yoga for Anxiety
Tuesday, 9/14 @ 7:00pm

The only reason I teach this class is because Six years ago in the span of two weeks, 5 people came to the studio and told me they were there because of anxiety. I would have preferred to leave my experience with anxiety firmly in my past.

But since I had spent almost a decade in my 20s struggling with severe anxiety attacks, I knew how this practice could make a difference.  (And by the way, I was told this would be something I’d have to ‘manage’ for the rest of my life).

I haven’t had even an inkling of anxiety in over 23 years.


This year, I put everything I’ve learned online in a way that makes sense, is easy to access, simple to practice. And Fun!

Start with The LIVE workshop next Tuesday night!
In studio and/or on Zoom
Click here to Register or to see the Outline
16 spots available

Things you’ll discover for yourself:

     ~ Specific breathing patterns do different simple things
     ~ In some cases, it is actually physical, not mental
     ~ The magical (science) power of your exhale
     ~ How to test your Co2 tolerance
     ~ How to program your Reticular Activation System
     ~ Find Your Unique Flow Objective (UFO)
          and so much more ….

If you practice what’s covered in the workshop, that will be enough to feel significant relief. But if, like me, you want to learn more with 4 weekly practice sessions, personal training and more specific techniques, you can join the 4 week Anxiety Relief Training to really make an impact and retrain your system so you don’t have to think about this day to day.

Over 40 million people in the US struggle with severe anxiety. And that’s only counting those over 18. (I don’t know why but that’s the stats). Sadly, Only 30% will ever even seek treatment due to mental health stigmas. Let’s change that.

One breath at a time.


If you participate fully, you can expect to:
1. Feel significantly better within the month but likely sooner.
We can establish a personal goal percentage
based on your lifestyle and schedule.
2. Leave with a simple, fun and unique practice plan for YOU.

3. Feel optimistic about your peaceful and courageous future