Are you a little bit of a control freak….

“Richard Rohr has written that if we have no notion of a higher power as we age, if we fail to believe that something benevolent is looking out for us, we become control freaks. We have no trust in the unfolding narrative”.

Admittedly, There are days when this feels like the only option… to control it all and figure everything out. But deep down, a wiser part of me knows the truth.

This is what usually brings us to the practice of yoga… searching for a way to TRUST in the UNFOLDING. To feel a sense of peace in a world of uncertainty. And you might have thought you were pretty good at that… a couple years ago. But what about now? How’s that uncertainty feeling?

One thing my search has showed me for CERTAIN is that…

Yoga literally CHANGES lives for the Better.   Ask Anyone.

And imagine for a moment how it would feel if YOU got to be the person that created space for that change.  A ‘Guide’ of sorts. And in the process… you created even more transformation for yourself?

Picture this.
People discovering how strong they truly are:

  • Going from being super stiff to easing into pigeons and twists.
  • Transforming stress and tension (aches & pains) into deeply relaxed states at a cellular level.
  • Breathing to shift their perspective and soothe their nervous system.
  • Learning to Trust themselves with whatever comes their way. Gaining inner clarity.
  • And last but not least, connecting with each other.

It’s an incredible journey of self discovery as you realize these things about yourself.  It’s simply another level to create space for others.

PLUS! The medical/science research is bringing more evidence to light every single day about the massive benefits of yoga, meditation, breathwork and relaxation
(Later this month, I’ll be attending the Brain/Body Contract workshop with Dr. Andrew Huberman to bring even more evidence back to the mats!)

This is a HUGE step toward healing and strengthening not just ourselves… but the planet!

Would you like to Be part of that change?

Becoming a Yoga teacher/guide is now easier than ever!

Thanks to the advancement of online learning, our training schedule has evolved to a more practical and relevant schedule which now includes an online introductory session so you can explore the beginnings on your own, at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. 

This introductory session will deepen your own personal practice while at the same time giving you a look at the training process. Then you’ll have the option to continue on your yoga journey to becoming a teacher. Or you can simply apply what you learn in your own practice… and life.

So if you’re considering making this your project for 2022 or 2023, get started with our Online Workshops. Training Immersion to continue in the Fall.

You can attend live and ask questions, or play the recording at your convenience.
Message Me with any questions or to be added to our Training Updates – no obligation – just more detailed info.

Much Love,

; )