Aunnie Whittington, RYT500

I take self care pretty seriously. For everyone. My passion for self care extends to my family, friends and others. I’m always happy to create space for self care, whether that’s teaching, introducing someone to yoga or simply sharing my love of this practice with others.  In addition to yoga, I have cultivated strong and consistent meditation and spiritual practices. These practices have enhanced my focus and my faith. They have helped me navigate life’s challenges and tap into my inner peace when I truly need it.  Last year I created a Chair Yoga class that I am honored to say has grown extensively, giving me yet another fun way to create space for those who thought self care through yoga might have been out of reach. When I’m not volunteering, baking, walking or traveling… you can find me here at Love Yoga creating more space.

All Levels Flow, Fridays 9:30am 
Chair Yoga, Fridays 11:00am

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