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Tattoos, Dreams and The Sutras

I’m probably gonna tear up a lil’ bit as I write this one.

Because this guy right here…. Is 1000% why I opened a yoga studio. And if you read the whole thing, you’ll understand just exactly how this relates to your practice today.

Entrepreneurship is in my genes for sure. Great Grandpa, Grandma and Dad all worked for themselves. I vividly remember sitting in my Grandma’s Uniform shop (for nurses) wanting to ‘run things’, count back change and greet customers with my witty charm. She also had a sweet crib in the back with her stocked fridge and tiny black and white tv to watch ’The Young and the Restless’.

But HE  – Zack – is WHY it happened when it did.

Zack had an elementary school assignment to interview his parents and write about who they were and what they did. He couldn’t explain where I worked because in his short life I had changed jobs a lot. All office jobs. All one step up, better than the last. I was searching for the perfect job that would allow me to make a decent wage, be there for him and not bore me to death.

So I gained a lot of experience during those times and I never missed any of his games. I even coached his soccer and basketball teams at one point.  But when he couldn’t describe what I did… that bothered me. He said I worked in an office somewhere.

True. I worked in a mill office, then the hospital foundation, then in sales for an employment agency, then in advertising at the Democrat Herald. I worked in the mortgage industry. (in 2008! I know, I know). And then after a short stint with my Dad’s insurance company, I went back to the hospital for my dream job at the wellness center.  My resume definitely seemed a little shaky until a wise person looked at it and said… ‘looks to me like you have the makings of an entrepreneur’! OMG my heart swelled!

But let’s back up a few years… to when Zack was born. I was 24 and smack dab in the middle of a decade of anxiety.
Random anxiety attacks kept me from fully living… even after he was born. (anxiety relief training below)

My biggest fear was that I would pass that on to him. I didn’t want to be an anxious mom. So I popped my VHS Rodney Yee Yoga tape in and started practicing yoga in my living room. For the next few years, I dabbled, I dallied and then I discovered it’s secrets! I studied it all, the breathing, the chakras, the sutras and the 8 limbs. This was my jam.

And then I began to dream.

I started dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher and my wildest dream was to open a studio… because then…. I would be doing something healthy, positive, kind and easy for my son to describe.

But deep down…

I really wanted to be someone he would be proud of. 

The first time I heard him tell someone… my Mom owns a yoga studio… that was it for me. I could die happy. ; )

But now… oohhhhhh how the tables have turned.

I mean I definitely think he’s proud of me.

But right now, I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of him.

You see, a year ago he told me that he wanted to be a Tattoo Artist. (Every parent’s dream, right?). 

I think I did a great job of not outwardly cringing while expressing my genuine support.
I knew he’d be great and I knew I would support him… I just worried about all that ink in his veins. (You know I like healthy things!).

He’d already finished college, created his own art show and had other jobs in the food industry, concrete, counter tops, ride sharing, t-shirt printing and maybe a few others? And then….

He had a dream. He chased it. He’s living it. He’s loving it.

He inspires me every day…with his unbridled enthusiasm for learning his craft, meeting new people and hearing their heartfelt stories while he literally paints their emotions on their sleeves.

(He also offers them breathing techniques and understands the power of a meaningful mantra. I mean, he is my kid. ; )

What’s all this got to do with you, your practice or the studio?

Well first of all it’s why we’re even here.

Yoga was my path to courage.  Zack was the catalyst. 

The courage to open a yoga studio… (in 10 days, in a fairly conservative area, during a recession, in the grass seed capital of the world… with no savings, no formal business training and no backup plan).

Yoga taught me that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Yoga teaches us to calm the chaos and confusion in our minds and align our energy with our hearts. This is where you’ll feel your true path… even if it doesn’t seem immediately accessible.

It took me FIFTEEN YEARS to realize my dream.

It took Zack ONE.

I’d like to say that I taught him well, that he’s a quick study.

But in reality… it’s quite likely that… his soul is simply older than mine.

Back in the day… Being a Yoga teacher sounded like a chanting acid trip into the forest. And being a Tattoo Artist had an underground grunge band or street gang feel.

But now it’s where artistic expression meets social marketing meets human connection.

We both want to make a positive contribution in the world.

We want to be free to do creative work, express ourselves and have fun doing it.

That’s alignment.  That’s Yoga.

Practice… and all is coming. (K. Pattabhi Jois)

Thank you for being part of our dreams….

Much Love, 

: )


ps. oh I haven’t gotten MY tattoo yet. I’m getting a few actually… something my Dad wrote… something my Mom wants and something else for me.
Don’t worry… none on my face! ; ). You’ll be the first to see them.

You can find him and his work HERE 

He suggested I add a disclaimer that occasionally his designs are NSFW 😂😉

Are you a little bit of a control freak….

“Richard Rohr has written that if we have no notion of a higher power as we age, if we fail to believe that something benevolent is looking out for us, we become control freaks. We have no trust in the unfolding narrative”.

Admittedly, There are days when this feels like the only option… to control it all and figure everything out. But deep down, a wiser part of me knows the truth.

This is what usually brings us to the practice of yoga… searching for a way to TRUST in the UNFOLDING. To feel a sense of peace in a world of uncertainty. And you might have thought you were pretty good at that… a couple years ago. But what about now? How’s that uncertainty feeling?

One thing my search has showed me for CERTAIN is that…

Yoga literally CHANGES lives for the Better.   Ask Anyone.

And imagine for a moment how it would feel if YOU got to be the person that created space for that change.  A ‘Guide’ of sorts. And in the process… you created even more transformation for yourself?

Picture this.
People discovering how strong they truly are:

  • Going from being super stiff to easing into pigeons and twists.
  • Transforming stress and tension (aches & pains) into deeply relaxed states at a cellular level.
  • Breathing to shift their perspective and soothe their nervous system.
  • Learning to Trust themselves with whatever comes their way. Gaining inner clarity.
  • And last but not least, connecting with each other.

It’s an incredible journey of self discovery as you realize these things about yourself.  It’s simply another level to create space for others.

PLUS! The medical/science research is bringing more evidence to light every single day about the massive benefits of yoga, meditation, breathwork and relaxation
(Later this month, I’ll be attending the Brain/Body Contract workshop with Dr. Andrew Huberman to bring even more evidence back to the mats!)

This is a HUGE step toward healing and strengthening not just ourselves… but the planet!

Would you like to Be part of that change?

Becoming a Yoga teacher/guide is now easier than ever!

Thanks to the advancement of online learning, our training schedule has evolved to a more practical and relevant schedule which now includes an online introductory session so you can explore the beginnings on your own, at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. 

This introductory session will deepen your own personal practice while at the same time giving you a look at the training process. Then you’ll have the option to continue on your yoga journey to becoming a teacher. Or you can simply apply what you learn in your own practice… and life.

So if you’re considering making this your project for 2022 or 2023, get started with our Online Workshops. Training Immersion to continue in the Fall.

You can attend live and ask questions, or play the recording at your convenience.
Message Me with any questions or to be added to our Training Updates – no obligation – just more detailed info.

Much Love,

; )

Part 1 of 3 – ReOpening the Studio!

Happy Friday!
(Part 1 of 3 – Re Opening)

We’ve had a few fun glitches this week. Some supplies haven’t arrived yet. Our Facebook Live feed dropped mid class twice leaving y’all in an extraordinarily long pigeon. I left the ladder in the studio for one of the classes and then I got 3 hours of sleep last night. That’s a huge glitch.

It happens. Every few weeks or so I have a few sleepless nights. It’s a weird world right now, right? But when that happens… I write . . . and some of my best ideas come from that writing! Some of my best Haikus! ; )

So I did a lot of writing last night, ‘splaining some of our new adjustments for you. Which means YOU have a lot of emails coming your way! LOL.

First one is about Socks, Props and Cash.

Second one is about our new schedule and pricing.

Third one is about your contact info and the Online Video Library. 

So if any of these things interest you, be on the lookout over the next few days. And then back to our regularly scheduled programming.

SOCKS: We’re asking that once you enter the studio, that you please remove your shoes and wear your socks until you get to your mat. We don’t have an entryway anymore, so you’ll be entering the studio right on to our precious floors. Plus socks offer us all protection, kind of like a condom for yoga feet. And if you happen to forget yours… WE’VE GOT SOME! (socks, that is. Brand new, never before worn, socks) ; )

I have to be really creative to get you all to open these emails!

PROPS: We aren’t allowed to provide props or cleaning supplies for your props. You are welcome to bring them and then take them with you. Including your mat. If you don’t yet have a mat, we just got brand new beginner, travel and harmony mats. ($37, $67 and $85).

** And remember! Full Memberships come with a MAT or a TEE!

CASH. We’re trying not to handle much cash for the forseeable future – you know it’s almost as germy as your cell phone right??  So that means you gotta pay online or with a check. (who still does that? I know, I know… who you are ; )  (and I Thank you!).  For most of you this isn’t new. But for those that come to the 5$ cash only Tuesday and Friday night, we’ll have class packages you can purchase online ahead of time.

That’s it for now! Back later with our modified schedule and pricing and then we’ll start getting you signed up for classes!

Still shooting for June 5th as our Re Open Date. 

Something’s been on my last nerve

Hey, I’ve missed writing to you… but I don’t like to write unless I have a clear and helpful reason to write. I mean, I could have just dropped you a line to tell you I miss you… but our MindBody system does that for us. And while it’s true… we do miss you and want to hear back from you about how we could help… THOSE emails are intended to simply remind you that we’re here for you. 

THESE emails/posts however, are ME talking to YOU because something mattered enough to me to set aside my tea and avocado toast and bust it out. 

It’s possible that you might not hear from me for a while again though because I just discovered a new website that will basically make me a scientist/anatomist/PHD of the human body. If you’re an anatomy nerd like myself… or maybe you’d like a simple understanding of your body, you’re going to be completely captivated by this site!

There are 3D graphics of everything. It’s primarily for understanding dis-ease, but I’m using it to locate the vagus nerve, the SI Joint, Carpal Tunnel, ACLs and all the other things that we like to be keenly aware of when helping people flow through their bodies intelligently.

Above is a diagram I snipped to show you the vagus nerve. But you can also see it from all angles and highlights in this program. Many of you know how obsessed I am with this nerve. When people say that they’re on their LAST nerve, this is literally the ONE! And when people don’t understand how a simple yoga practice can help them feel substantially better, THAT gets on my last nerve! 

OVERSIMPLIFIED, The vagus nerve is the 10th and longest cranial nerve and connects to some of our organs (one being the heart) and interacts with our parasympathetic system.(the calm side of your nervous system). It’s the EPITOME of why Yoga helps. When we breathe and move, it tells our body to chill out. It actually responds to our thoughts, actions and exhales directly. It’s magic, I tell ya, straight up anatomical magic. and science.


I’ll be back later once I come up for air to tell you about our upcoming FEBRUARY ‘Share the LOVE’ Challenge. You’re going to love this one, because some of you are going to get a FREE month of yoga and it could easily be YOU! 

Much Love, 

: )


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9 ways we hope to lower holiday stress

How are you doing with the holidays so far? Tell me… do you love them? Dread them? What do you love about them? What do you dread? I’m looking for ideas here. We have some below but I love hearing yours.

I don’t like saying it but it’s the reason behind the UnGrinching. I’ve mostly dreaded them in the past. Obviously I’m mocking myself a little but these UnGrinching shenanigans have led to the creation of the LoveStrong Hikes, the Grinch Cards, The Solstice Express and the Gnomes. So it’s feeling more lighthearted every year. By next year I’ll have you all singing Jingle Bells around the neighborhood with me!

Here’s the dates and details of what’s coming up next if you’re still feeling Grinchy.

1. Free Jade Yoga Mat w/ a new 6-12 month membership!
Consistency matters. Consistent practice is scientifically proven to lower stress. It’s Simple! If you haven’t tried it yet, we’ll help you get started with a brand new mat! Sign up for the 6 mo. or the 12 mo. membership during December… while supplies last.
2. The Gnome Explosion Contest
Pick up your Gnome Explosion Card and start collecting stamps for the December drawing. The more stamps, the more chances to win our fabulous Holiday Gift Basket. Ask anyone, all our gift baskets have been fabulous this year! It’s worth it! Drawing Dec. 24th.

3,4,5 & 6
Sundays in December @ 9:30am.
Karma Class for Connor and a Cure for CF. 

We want everyone to be able to practice. Every Sunday we hold a donation class. Pay what you can. Make any donation of your choice. We know many of you are members and all your classes are included. But this is an opportunity to support a class that everyone can attend and this month you’ll be supporting something more! Sarah Tierce, one of our own yogis and her little guy Connor lead the team, Connor’s Convoy to cure Cystic Fibrosis. All donations go directly to their team. Thank you for all your continued support of this class. It means a lot to all of us.

7. December 21st -31st
Holiday guest passes! 5$ Guest passes for your out of town guests for 10 festive days!

8. December 21st 10:15am LoveStrong Hike #GetOutsidewithLove! Right after the 9am basics class. Join us and carpool, caravan or meet us at Fitton Green just West of Corvallis. Email tana@loveyogastudios.comfor questions and exact logistics.

9. December 22nd 6:00pm – 7:30pm The Solar Express Winter Solstice Celebration.
Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation and Intention. This is a 3 part class followed by treats, warm drinks and an opportunity to celebrate together, the upcoming brighter, longer days and Wintery wonderment. $15 tickets. All seats need to be reserved ahead of time, no drop ins. All Aboard!

Class Reminders:
December 24th 9:30am flow, no evening classes
December 25th, no classes.
December 31st, 9:30am flow, no evening
January 1st, 9:30am flow, 10:45am LoveStrong Hike

Holidays & Sabbaticals

Three holiday happenings!

1. Win a Gift card to REI and LoveStrong swag… during October!

2. UnGrinching 2019. Get your GRINCH CARD!

3. My personal sabbatical starts right now… BRB. (Scroll down to see how this is gonna work!)


I know first hand how tough the holidays can be with everything from split and blended families, loss of loved ones, money stress, gifting pressure, relatives and the holiday music that’s already making our ears bleed. The second camp, however is already shining their snowglobes. They deck the halls, bask in the baking, strategize their shopping and swoon over Bing’s Silver Bells.

If that’s YOU, I’m genuinely envious

So two years ago I tried to change my own mind about the holidays. (and chair pose). We celebrated all the holiday festivities and dubbed it the UNGRINCHING with LOVE project. And it worked! It was actually fun! It was the best holiday season I could remember in a long time and many of YOU said the same thing. Then last year, our UnGrinching project got cut short, so this year we’re back at it and we’re coming in hot with the Grinch cards so that YOU and all the Love Yoga teachers can encourage and uplift each other as we dive into the holidays this year!

2.  GRINCH CARDS.  Pick yours up at the studio so you have a constant reminder that practicing yoga makes you feel good. Drawing on Oct. 31st at 9pm.

TWO ways to fill your Grinch Card.
a.  Every time you come to class you get a stamp.
b.  If you see a teacher also taking that class, you get another!

This is how we stay connected, uplifted, supported and less Grinchy. And the lucky winners get a shot at the REI card plus LoveStrong swag! (Get your Grinch Card this week- Starts Oct. 1st.)

3.  My 1ST EVER SABBATICAL starts this week. Don’t worry, I’m not going to miss out on all the festivities. While y’all are gearing up with your Grinch cards I’m going to be at a couple of short trainings and then taking the rest of the time to ‘sabbat’ or whatever you call it? 

While I’m away . . .  You get to experience more of Yatsui, Hanawalt, Haley and Christina. You’ll see some new faces in the Karma classes and a brand new face with Evan stepping in for my Wednesday mornings! 


I’ll fill you in as much as I can along the way… but from what I’ve learned about sabbaticals, I should have no real plan, zero expectations, infinite ideas and a heart full of joy.  I also have a tiny bit of angst but …  I’m going to practice what I teach: 

I’m going to embrace the unknown, breathe through the hesitations, ponder the possibilities and create as much flow as possible with the intention that this sabbatical time works it’s magic on my creativity. . . and my chair pose.  If all goes well, I should be back in time to trick or treat!

Much Love, 

: )


p.s. If you’ve ever taken a sabbatical… I’m totally open to suggestions or ideas. 

Yoga during the shut down?

Have you been affected by the shut down? What do we mean by affected?  We don’t mean you’re enraged and tired of it… although that’s completely understandable. We mean you are affected financially. You are unexpectedly not receiving income in your household or are out of work.  We’d like you to be able to come to yoga and practice and connect with others.  We’d like to help you create some moments of peace and clarity.

We’re extending this offer without any restrictions and we trust that everyone who is affected financially will benefit from this … and those who are not affected financially will continue to support the studio in ways that allow us to offer things like this in times like these.

We’re also going to be promoting the @parksproject organization as they try to gather support for the parks system both during the shutdown and after.  So if you’re interested in other ways to lend a hand… watch for those on social media.

Wishing you all the best,

All of us at Love

My Soul Compass Workshop 1/3/19

Charting a course filled with Joy for 2019. Yes, 2018 was great in a lot of ways yet there were still a lot of things for me that fell through the cracks. Missed opportunities I simply forgot. Dreams I could have experienced if I’d remembered. Even with the ‘UnGrinching project’… it feels like I felt short on the holidays again.

So this year, I have a plan. Well, I will have a plan after Thursday night. A plan full of resolutions, goals, dreams, hopes, intentions, adventures, places, spaces and faces full of joy!

Plans that include more space, more heart and more joy. My kind of joy. Not the kind of joy that makes everyone else happy. The kind of heart swelling, mind blowing, soul nourishing joy that comes from standing near a waterfall. Toes in the ocean. Puppies, haikus and fuzzy blankets. Big city tours, a giant book store, the perfect juice, an incredible taco and dancing wildly at Rod Stewart concerts, to name just a few.

If you want to chart your own course for joy, or peace or adventure or courage or happiness or fun…. join us Thursday night 7-8:30pm for the 5 most helpful practices I’ve found in charting a course . . . so we don’t flail about in the waves for the whole year.  The best part is that these are SO SIMPLE, there are no deadlines and all the guidance comes from your very own heart.

What. Have. You. Got. To. Lose? 90 minutes?

Use your class pass, membership or drop in for $16

Sign up HERE

Love, Humor and Profanity

Hey it’s me again!

I’ve written at least 3 emails in the past couple of weeks that I haven’t sent. I get these great ideas, brilliant actually. Great analogies and concepts that connect the yoga practice to our daily lives and how helpful it is and how simple it is.  I get started on them and then I realize that I’ve been typing for hours and it’s 7 paragraphs of me rambling about Love… so I delete it.  It’s still really good stuff… I just gotta whittle it down to bite size chunks.

I also realized that all my writing, rambling and great ideas focus on Love, humor and profanity. I like that combination and try to infuse all of that in every class…. so it makes sense they would show up here too.

So here’s the first one… dramatically whittled down. And guess what it’s about.  #$*& ing CHANGE!  Yep. Again. Great changes! I think the subject line of all my emails should be ‘Change is coming!’

We’re changing things up at Love because it’s time. Because people change. Because we learn new things. Because we all should be better at embracing change…. and mostly because we want to create new things and new experiences for all of us to enjoy.


Here’s the highlights, details will come later when I have time to write the other four paragraphs!

  1. Our newest teachers and classes start next week! Yep, I’m gonna turn em loose and head to Hawaii and hope it all goes swell! Please welcome and encourage Tana, Kayla, Amanda, Mandy, Christina, and you’ll see more from Brent also!
  2. Erin Yatsui is back in full force as our studio manager and will be adding another class.. plus her monthly Knitting and Yoga class on Saturdays.
  3. Haley took over Aunnie’s Tuesday night 7pm Core class... watch out! And Aunnie will continue teaching her 5:30pm and her Thursday morning.
  4. I will be teaching Power on Wednesday nights again after I get back from Maui because….
  5. Sabrina and I are going to change our schedules up a bit so we can focus on LOVESTRONG Adventures and get more adventures coordinated and confirmed on the calendar.  We’re adding a 2nd snowshoe trip to Trillium and more hikes!


That’s it for now.

Oh, and this Saturday, I’m teaching Advanced Alignment on Saturday at 10:30am. If you want to fine tune anything in your practice, now’s the time. It will be a short warm up flow and then a casual chat and workshop around various postures. Plus we’re going to throw in a few optional advanced poses, so you can experiences a few different approaches and see which ones work best for you.


See you soon, more details coming, thank you for reading and for being part of Love!

Shocking Relevations and Disturbing Discoveries

Hey there,

In grade school, I stuck my hair clip into the outlet and shocked myself and burnt my hair clip… on accident… sort of. I’m not sure if I did that because someone told me not to… or because the bendy little snap-open hair clip fit perfectly into those two little perfectly parallel lines in the outlet right next to me on the steps in the cafeteria.  We were seated there, waiting patiently to practice our part in the Christmas play. One year I was an elf. One year I wrote a Christmas poem I read to the whole school.  I’ve written hundreds since then… but as an adult I call them mantras and haikus.


How is this relevant?


  1. I’m lucky to be alive and turning 50 tomorrow!  And Love Yoga is turning 8! We’re celebrating tomorrow night with a mini camp out kinda thing at the studio. This is my subtle way of reminding you to come celebrate with us. 6:30pm. Bring a camp chair, wear a flannel, make a s’more!


  1. I needed to use the word Shocking in the subject line somehow… because a larger number of you than usual opened the last email titled ‘Bad News’, so I’m experimenting with different subject lines to see what it takes to get you to read these. I mean, you signed up for them, so I’m assuming you really want to read them.  I try to be entertaining aaaaand informative. But disturbingly…. 3 times as many of you opened the ‘bad news’ email. ? ? ?  you know who you are….


  1. LOVESTRONG ADVENTURESis launching tomorrow! What is it exactly?

I think we’ve created a better way to explore Love Yoga Studio, the yoga practice itself and NATURE! Our new LOVESTRONG Trail Guide gives you a look at all the offerings at Love and a map to the many ways you can practice and explore. Classes, Workshops, Trainings, Adventures, etc.

LOVESTRONG Adventures is also a way of connecting people with nature because we know how good this is for us – Shinrin-Yoku (aka forest bathing, nature therapy). (deleted comment about the wisdom of other cultures here so as not to offend.  The internet is a scary place).

We are shooting for 2 events every month that get us exploring. So far, we’ve kayaked the Willamette and hiked Drift Creek. Next month we hike Opal Creek and in November we go to Maui!  And we’re not just getting outside to explore… we’ll also get out of our comfort zones a bit with surprise picnics, SUP yoga and urban yoga tours.

For those of you in the studio, you’ll see all of this and the new shirts that arrived today!  For those of you not able to come in this week, I’ll be posting a video and sending you the link tomorrow that shows you the trail guide, the shirts and and update on the adventures.


Through yoga I’ve become significantly stronger. So much so, that I’m not afraid to live the way I want to live. (for the most part). And I’m loving it! It’s gotten me through and over a lot of fears.  I’m always applying the practice to other areas of my life…. like getting out in nature. Not my forte. In fact some might say it’s nowhere near my wheel house.  Some might even say it’s a little bit,  . . . wait for it . . .




See y’all tomorrow,

: )



Here’s a couple of posts online about it also in case you missed them . . .