Love, Humor and Profanity

Hey it’s me again!

I’ve written at least 3 emails in the past couple of weeks that I haven’t sent. I get these great ideas, brilliant actually. Great analogies and concepts that connect the yoga practice to our daily lives and how helpful it is and how simple it is.  I get started on them and then I realize that I’ve been typing for hours and it’s 7 paragraphs of me rambling about Love… so I delete it.  It’s still really good stuff… I just gotta whittle it down to bite size chunks.

I also realized that all my writing, rambling and great ideas focus on Love, humor and profanity. I like that combination and try to infuse all of that in every class…. so it makes sense they would show up here too.

So here’s the first one… dramatically whittled down. And guess what it’s about.  #$*& ing CHANGE!  Yep. Again. Great changes! I think the subject line of all my emails should be ‘Change is coming!’

We’re changing things up at Love because it’s time. Because people change. Because we learn new things. Because we all should be better at embracing change…. and mostly because we want to create new things and new experiences for all of us to enjoy.


Here’s the highlights, details will come later when I have time to write the other four paragraphs!

  1. Our newest teachers and classes start next week! Yep, I’m gonna turn em loose and head to Hawaii and hope it all goes swell! Please welcome and encourage Tana, Kayla, Amanda, Mandy, Christina, and you’ll see more from Brent also!
  2. Erin Yatsui is back in full force as our studio manager and will be adding another class.. plus her monthly Knitting and Yoga class on Saturdays.
  3. Haley took over Aunnie’s Tuesday night 7pm Core class... watch out! And Aunnie will continue teaching her 5:30pm and her Thursday morning.
  4. I will be teaching Power on Wednesday nights again after I get back from Maui because….
  5. Sabrina and I are going to change our schedules up a bit so we can focus on LOVESTRONG Adventures and get more adventures coordinated and confirmed on the calendar.  We’re adding a 2nd snowshoe trip to Trillium and more hikes!


That’s it for now.

Oh, and this Saturday, I’m teaching Advanced Alignment on Saturday at 10:30am. If you want to fine tune anything in your practice, now’s the time. It will be a short warm up flow and then a casual chat and workshop around various postures. Plus we’re going to throw in a few optional advanced poses, so you can experiences a few different approaches and see which ones work best for you.


See you soon, more details coming, thank you for reading and for being part of Love!