Holidays & Sabbaticals

Three holiday happenings!

1. Win a Gift card to REI and LoveStrong swag… during October!

2. UnGrinching 2019. Get your GRINCH CARD!

3. My personal sabbatical starts right now… BRB. (Scroll down to see how this is gonna work!)


I know first hand how tough the holidays can be with everything from split and blended families, loss of loved ones, money stress, gifting pressure, relatives and the holiday music that’s already making our ears bleed. The second camp, however is already shining their snowglobes. They deck the halls, bask in the baking, strategize their shopping and swoon over Bing’s Silver Bells.

If that’s YOU, I’m genuinely envious

So two years ago I tried to change my own mind about the holidays. (and chair pose). We celebrated all the holiday festivities and dubbed it the UNGRINCHING with LOVE project. And it worked! It was actually fun! It was the best holiday season I could remember in a long time and many of YOU said the same thing. Then last year, our UnGrinching project got cut short, so this year we’re back at it and we’re coming in hot with the Grinch cards so that YOU and all the Love Yoga teachers can encourage and uplift each other as we dive into the holidays this year!

2.  GRINCH CARDS.  Pick yours up at the studio so you have a constant reminder that practicing yoga makes you feel good. Drawing on Oct. 31st at 9pm.

TWO ways to fill your Grinch Card.
a.  Every time you come to class you get a stamp.
b.  If you see a teacher also taking that class, you get another!

This is how we stay connected, uplifted, supported and less Grinchy. And the lucky winners get a shot at the REI card plus LoveStrong swag! (Get your Grinch Card this week- Starts Oct. 1st.)

3.  My 1ST EVER SABBATICAL starts this week. Don’t worry, I’m not going to miss out on all the festivities. While y’all are gearing up with your Grinch cards I’m going to be at a couple of short trainings and then taking the rest of the time to ‘sabbat’ or whatever you call it? 

While I’m away . . .  You get to experience more of Yatsui, Hanawalt, Haley and Christina. You’ll see some new faces in the Karma classes and a brand new face with Evan stepping in for my Wednesday mornings! 


I’ll fill you in as much as I can along the way… but from what I’ve learned about sabbaticals, I should have no real plan, zero expectations, infinite ideas and a heart full of joy.  I also have a tiny bit of angst but …  I’m going to practice what I teach: 

I’m going to embrace the unknown, breathe through the hesitations, ponder the possibilities and create as much flow as possible with the intention that this sabbatical time works it’s magic on my creativity. . . and my chair pose.  If all goes well, I should be back in time to trick or treat!

Much Love, 

: )


p.s. If you’ve ever taken a sabbatical… I’m totally open to suggestions or ideas.