Tattoos, Dreams and The Sutras

I’m probably gonna tear up a lil’ bit as I write this one.

Because this guy right here…. Is 1000% why I opened a yoga studio. And if you read the whole thing, you’ll understand just exactly how this relates to your practice today.

Entrepreneurship is in my genes for sure. Great Grandpa, Grandma and Dad all worked for themselves. I vividly remember sitting in my Grandma’s Uniform shop (for nurses) wanting to ‘run things’, count back change and greet customers with my witty charm. She also had a sweet crib in the back with her stocked fridge and tiny black and white tv to watch ’The Young and the Restless’.

But HE  – Zack – is WHY it happened when it did.

Zack had an elementary school assignment to interview his parents and write about who they were and what they did. He couldn’t explain where I worked because in his short life I had changed jobs a lot. All office jobs. All one step up, better than the last. I was searching for the perfect job that would allow me to make a decent wage, be there for him and not bore me to death.

So I gained a lot of experience during those times and I never missed any of his games. I even coached his soccer and basketball teams at one point.  But when he couldn’t describe what I did… that bothered me. He said I worked in an office somewhere.

True. I worked in a mill office, then the hospital foundation, then in sales for an employment agency, then in advertising at the Democrat Herald. I worked in the mortgage industry. (in 2008! I know, I know). And then after a short stint with my Dad’s insurance company, I went back to the hospital for my dream job at the wellness center.  My resume definitely seemed a little shaky until a wise person looked at it and said… ‘looks to me like you have the makings of an entrepreneur’! OMG my heart swelled!

But let’s back up a few years… to when Zack was born. I was 24 and smack dab in the middle of a decade of anxiety.
Random anxiety attacks kept me from fully living… even after he was born. (anxiety relief training below)

My biggest fear was that I would pass that on to him. I didn’t want to be an anxious mom. So I popped my VHS Rodney Yee Yoga tape in and started practicing yoga in my living room. For the next few years, I dabbled, I dallied and then I discovered it’s secrets! I studied it all, the breathing, the chakras, the sutras and the 8 limbs. This was my jam.

And then I began to dream.

I started dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher and my wildest dream was to open a studio… because then…. I would be doing something healthy, positive, kind and easy for my son to describe.

But deep down…

I really wanted to be someone he would be proud of. 

The first time I heard him tell someone… my Mom owns a yoga studio… that was it for me. I could die happy. ; )

But now… oohhhhhh how the tables have turned.

I mean I definitely think he’s proud of me.

But right now, I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of him.

You see, a year ago he told me that he wanted to be a Tattoo Artist. (Every parent’s dream, right?). 

I think I did a great job of not outwardly cringing while expressing my genuine support.
I knew he’d be great and I knew I would support him… I just worried about all that ink in his veins. (You know I like healthy things!).

He’d already finished college, created his own art show and had other jobs in the food industry, concrete, counter tops, ride sharing, t-shirt printing and maybe a few others? And then….

He had a dream. He chased it. He’s living it. He’s loving it.

He inspires me every day…with his unbridled enthusiasm for learning his craft, meeting new people and hearing their heartfelt stories while he literally paints their emotions on their sleeves.

(He also offers them breathing techniques and understands the power of a meaningful mantra. I mean, he is my kid. ; )

What’s all this got to do with you, your practice or the studio?

Well first of all it’s why we’re even here.

Yoga was my path to courage.  Zack was the catalyst. 

The courage to open a yoga studio… (in 10 days, in a fairly conservative area, during a recession, in the grass seed capital of the world… with no savings, no formal business training and no backup plan).

Yoga taught me that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Yoga teaches us to calm the chaos and confusion in our minds and align our energy with our hearts. This is where you’ll feel your true path… even if it doesn’t seem immediately accessible.

It took me FIFTEEN YEARS to realize my dream.

It took Zack ONE.

I’d like to say that I taught him well, that he’s a quick study.

But in reality… it’s quite likely that… his soul is simply older than mine.

Back in the day… Being a Yoga teacher sounded like a chanting acid trip into the forest. And being a Tattoo Artist had an underground grunge band or street gang feel.

But now it’s where artistic expression meets social marketing meets human connection.

We both want to make a positive contribution in the world.

We want to be free to do creative work, express ourselves and have fun doing it.

That’s alignment.  That’s Yoga.

Practice… and all is coming. (K. Pattabhi Jois)

Thank you for being part of our dreams….

Much Love, 

: )


ps. oh I haven’t gotten MY tattoo yet. I’m getting a few actually… something my Dad wrote… something my Mom wants and something else for me.
Don’t worry… none on my face! ; ). You’ll be the first to see them.

You can find him and his work HERE 

He suggested I add a disclaimer that occasionally his designs are NSFW 😂😉