My Soul Compass Workshop 1/3/19

Charting a course filled with Joy for 2019. Yes, 2018 was great in a lot of ways yet there were still a lot of things for me that fell through the cracks. Missed opportunities I simply forgot. Dreams I could have experienced if I’d remembered. Even with the ‘UnGrinching project’… it feels like I felt short on the holidays again.

So this year, I have a plan. Well, I will have a plan after Thursday night. A plan full of resolutions, goals, dreams, hopes, intentions, adventures, places, spaces and faces full of joy!

Plans that include more space, more heart and more joy. My kind of joy. Not the kind of joy that makes everyone else happy. The kind of heart swelling, mind blowing, soul nourishing joy that comes from standing near a waterfall. Toes in the ocean. Puppies, haikus and fuzzy blankets. Big city tours, a giant book store, the perfect juice, an incredible taco and dancing wildly at Rod Stewart concerts, to name just a few.

If you want to chart your own course for joy, or peace or adventure or courage or happiness or fun…. join us Thursday night 7-8:30pm for the 5 most helpful practices I’ve found in charting a course . . . so we don’t flail about in the waves for the whole year.  The best part is that these are SO SIMPLE, there are no deadlines and all the guidance comes from your very own heart.

What. Have. You. Got. To. Lose? 90 minutes?

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