Pigeon Pushups??

Have you ever seen a pigeon do a push up?

Now I don’t want to ruffle any feathers here, but I’m not a huge fan of ‘challenges’. Even Yoga Challenges.

I AM a huge fan of challenging your self to soar to new heights.
(although I think the woman who broke the Guiness Plank Record went a little nuts… almost 5 hours!!).

I just don’t love the additional pressure of a flock/public challenge.

Nor do I need a ‘gold star’ to make stuff happen.

BUT I admire people who proudly and competitively say… ‘I want the gold star’.

And that makes me wonder sometimes if I’m not competitive enough.

I used to be… I ran track, played basketball and was 1st chair trumpet in band. (No band camp jokes please).

But as an adult… I feel like there have been enough LIFE challenges so I’d rather spend my free time flitting around near the ocean than hiking up a mountain.

But, yesterday in class, I introduced a sweet little challenge of sorts: a Pigeon Pushup Series... (I had hoped to have a link to the video here but I haven’t filmed it yet… so you’ll have that to look forward to tomorrow).

It’s a strengthening series that preps you to be able to get up off the ground without your wings. (Hands) Which is a popular metric for health and longevity.

So of all the things I think you SHOULD pleasantly push yourself to try… THIS is one of them. Because even if you never do it, you’ll get stronger with each try.

I’ll stop squawking about it now and go film it… or you can come to Yoga tonight and try it for yourself. Either way… it’ll be up in our video library tomorrow.