Yoga Training 2024

LoveStrong Training

I’ve tried to write one email a week for the past 14 years. That’s 728 -ish emails! That’s a LOT of subject lines!

I’d rather spend my time naming the colors of crayons, cars or paint chips. I mean, whoever came up with ‘mauvelous’ was just brilliant.

So LoveNote #729 (this one) is all about Yoga Training. Teacher Training. Personal Training. Meditation Training. Whichever you want. They’re all included!

If you have EVER considered it, THIS is my heartfelt invitation for you to ask yourself… what’s stopping you?

And at the very least, I recommend reading through just to see what you’re missing

(The relaxation kit, icebreakers and yoga jeopardy game alone are worth it!).

But beyond that, you’d be sharing this doctor recommended, scientifically and medically proven, healing practice with the world… or a neighbor. How helpful is that!

Here’s the practical pitch….

LoveStrong Yoga Training
is a powerfully transformative journey.

(quoted from many teachers and participants)

Are you ready to elevate your mind, body, energy and spirit?

Are you ready for lifelong transformation?

Are you wanting 2024 (or anything else) to feel different?

Are you up for the challenge?

Yes, It’s challenging to try something new.

It’s challenging to do something out of the norm.

But YOU CAN do it.

Because you know challenge makes you stronger, braver, more confident and more YOU.

Our Training simplifies the 8 limbs of yoga so that you can easily infuse them into your own personal day or into classes if you choose to teach. (That’s optional).

The Training is worth it… to Everyone.

To Teach, or Not to Teach? That is the only question.

In this training, you will focus on YOU.

You’ll explore how you breathe, how you express yourself, how you find flow in your life and in your brain. You’ll learn postures, history and traditions.

You’ll hear lots of stories, You’ll tap into your own insights and intuition. And you’ll leave this training with a profoundly deeper sense of who you are and how you feel.

You will rediscover balance, create a more holistic lifestyle, ignite your passion for this practice.

This is your time… for a journey that expands your mind, body, heart and soul.

You will receive expert guidance and encouragement from myself and our teachers.  Love Yoga is a fully accredited yoga school with Yoga Alliance at the highest level of certification. And our experienced instructors skillfully blend tradition with modern research, ensuring you receive a positive and practical experience.

You will step into a future where wellness, wisdom (and a little bit of woo woo) bring us all together.

I strive to make every step along the way… entertaining, educational and engaging. Because It’s not all ancient texts and anatomy over here. We know… when it’s fun, it lasts. A lifetime.

Remember…. every one of us started off hesitant, uncertain and inexperienced.
But look at us now! ; )

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Start with the 8 Limbs Workshop on Feb. 4th

It’s a MUST see before any training.