Happy Birthday Mom!

MY MOM has been practicing yoga for 16 years.

And if it weren’t for her Love for me and Belief in me… none of us would be here reading this email right now.

But her Love of Yoga is what’s really impressive.

Because she STARTED… when she was 64!

She grew up in the 50s, got married, raised a family, got divorced, went to work and retired at 62.

So it’s not like she was a health nut her whole life. She was busy raising three kids and figuring out her own life. Making meatloaf, volunteering, taking us to swimming lessons and then later, working, dating and eventually remarrying, traveling and Yoga’ing.

I tell you all this not to disclose my Mom’s personal history…. but to show that it’s never too late to benefit from a yoga practice. NEVER.

She credits her excellent health to this practice. It keeps her strong, calm & healthy. (She’ll probably kill me for sayin this… but…  ‘she’s regular, takes no meds and walks everyday… but she is…‍♀️ and does).

Now that I think about it… she already had a lot of ‘yogi qualities’ in her.

She believes that things will usually work themselves out and she doesn’t let little things get to her.

She’s also often said, “When it’s your time, it’s your time”. So she’s not staying up at night worrying about her age. And like her Mom before her, she says, ‘We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”. Classic Yogi staying in the present moment : ).

She just has this calming sense of peace about her.

So with this email I hope to inspire you with my Mom’s and my yoga practice.

I’ve talked before about how this practice saved me from a life of anxiety and fear.

But for my Mom, it was different.

It saved her from the ‘aging painfully’ and instead has given her the strength and confidence to ‘age gracefully’. (as noted by her elegant half moon pose in yesterday’s class!).

And still for others, perhaps you, it gives them energy, a sense of community, peace of mind, or flexibility.

We hope you find something here that gives you strength, peace and health.

I hope you see what a badass she is and make this practice a priority in your own life.

I hope you wish her a happy 80th birthday if you get the chance. : )

Much Love,