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Summer Dilemmas

Are you in the Summer state of mind yet?  Research shows that our minds crave novelty. While we do appreciate the security of a system or routine… Our minds are always searching for something new.  (Probably why the slinky was invented). Research also shows that we learn and grow with the most potential when there is a sense of urgency (like a time limit) and a specific focus. (Think Rubik’s cube or Boggle).

So if we want to head into a Summer with a new zest for life outside of quarantine and the ability to embrace the new changes we’ve been presented with… it makes sense that we start here. At Love.

Yoga fills our mind’s need for novelty because every experience, every class, every sound is different each time.  Well except for the garbage cans and the grate. Those are still here and as timely as ever.

It also gives us the opportunity to practice embracing change… learning new processes while focusing on small details for an hour or so. As a bonus, we also practice letting go of our expectations. Expectations for better balance, longer planks and a sense of normalcy from PQT. (pre quarantine times).  So I’m prepping for Summer.  I want a 1979, ice cream truck, koolaid popsicles, roller skating, slip n sliding, kind of state of mind.  What’s your Summer state of mind look like? Any favorites from the 70s? Adolescent years? I’m gonna get responses ranging from sock hops to power rangers, I’m sure!


1. If you’re practicing with us this Summer, pleeeeeease remember to sign up ahead of time. It’s the only way we know whether to hold, cancel, change or add classes.

2. We wanted to offer a sizzling Summer special … but as you know… we’re still on the 2020 roller coaster. So we modified our memberships for those of you that don’t have one yet!  Save now and get your 3 month Mini Membership!

Just $68/mo because this is a safe and healthy way to ease back into the world. Plus we know your mind and your mat will love it!  Aaaand this includes both in studio and online classes!  Bonus tee shirt if you sign up by the 15th!

We’re back on the mats Friday morning!

FINALLY!! It’s Time to Reconnect with LOVE!  This Friday in the Studio. (Yes, Online classes will continue – also on a modified schedule).

Once you do the following three things, it’ll be just like before. Show up, check in, practice. For now, It’s a smaller schedule than before so please be patient. We’re easing back in for all our sakes.

Please, please read the following and click to our website at the bottom before asking for tech help. (and then find a millenial before calling me… but I’m here for you if you don’t have one! ; ) lol.

It’s a smaller schedule with smaller classes, (limit 12-15). You must sign up and and pay for class before coming. We can’t guarantee you a spot if you just drop by.

You’ll have to do 3 things in order to get into class: Create an account, sign a waiver and register for class.

On the HOME PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE are these three slides:

1. Link to create your MindBodyOnline account.

2. Link to our new state required waiver.

3. Link to our studio and online schedules.

Current Pass Holders: If you have a class pass or membership you’ll be able to sign up as usual. (via MindBodyOnline)

NON Pass Holders:  We hope you’ll join us. Once you purchase a pass you will also have access to our online FaceBook LIVE classes and our Video library of recorded classes.  Plus! If you purchase a full membership, you’ll get a brand new mat!


1. Please wait for doors to be unlocked/propped open approx.15 min. before class.

2. Please bring as few things as possible inside with you.

3. Please feel free to wear a mask or not and be kind and respectful either way.

4. Please wear socks inside the studio when you are not on your own mat.

5. If you have a small towel for any surprise sneezes or throat tickles, you could bring that. I’ll have some on hand you can purchase if you forget.

6. We have new mat bags that will hold everything you need if that helps. They are $35. I have about 8 of them right now.

7. Start practicing your PFE now, because I am in NO mood for critiques of the new process. Pleasant. Facial. Expressions. People. Start practicing ; )

8. If you sign up for a class and it’s full. Please stay on the waitlist even if you make other plans. If you get bumped into the class and have decided not to come, you can always decline and it will automatically go to the next person. But this way we get a better idea of which classes to expand or duplicate first. If you sign up for a class and don’t show, you’ll get charged. We are a small business trying to rebuild just like all our other small business friends. Someone could have had that spot.  *12 hour cancellation notice required.

LOVE LOVE LOVE to you all!
We are so looking forward to practicing with you 💚

Any Non Tech Questions?