Everyone of you is already a Yoga Teacher

How exactly is that you might ask? 

Well.. if you practice and I’m assuming if you’re reading this you have practiced at least once somewhere, if not with me.
And teaching yoga essentially evolves through this three part journey.

1. Practice Yoga for yourself.
2. Learn the foundational concepts.
3. Share with anyone who asks.

1. Most of us came to this practice for our own practice. A journey of self discovery, healing, fitness, curiosity, relaxation, spirituality, etc.

2. Many of us found that as we learned more, we felt extraordinary results like a deeper sense of calm, a strong physical form, less anxiety, or an overall satisfaction with exploring this life. And others began to notice. Spouses encouraged each other to go to yoga. Coworkers asked to come along. Families saw a new braver side of us.

3. Some of us then felt called to immerse ourselves and create a lifestyle around moving, breathing, stillness, awareness, and energetic flow.  In doing this, it naturally inspires questions from friends like:  Why meditate? Why Plank? How to Relax? What are Chakras? When to skip Savasana? (never). And in sharing those answers… you inevitably sparked a little curiosity. You may have inspired someone to try.

Medical communities are now, not only validating these practices… they’re stealing them! 😉

In her new book ‘Peak Mind’ by Amishi Jha, Phd, she introduces her 12 minute practice designed to help focus your mind so you can make better choices.

Guess what the practice is??? It’s Breathing, Body Scan, Stillness and Metta Meditation, which has been around forever! What??!!  I thought I invented this practice. ; ).

(This is however, where I never miss a chance to remind you that I did invent crouching warrior 3 and warrior 1.5).

So if the ancients and the modern medical world both agree on the powerful effects these practices have on every being… shouldn’t we ALL be practicing, learning and sharing it? Just Imagine having learned cool focus techniques as a child, how to truly LET GO as a teen or how to deeply relax as a young adult? Game changers!

The outline below is a very broad view of the yoga training I’ve created from decades of study and practice, I have surpassed the 10k hour mark in this practice and continually expand so that our training is never outdated or irrelevant. It also exceeds the Yoga Alliance requirements in all areas and has produced some of the best teachers on the planet!

Together, We can change the landscape of how human beings learn to handle stress and build resilience.

And it doesn’t have to be upside down on a mat.

Each session includes simple, short, easy to share, practices anyone can use to focus our minds, strengthen our bodies, open our hearts and connect with our souls.

Session 1 – All about Breathing.
Session 2 – All about Flow.
Session 3 – All about Asana (postures).
Session 4 – All about Balance.
Session 5 – All about Focus.
Session 6 – Letting Go of Stress and Tension
** Portland Yoga Tour** optional
Session 7 – All about Relaxation & Reiki
Session 8 – Meditation and Awareness