Santosha. Creating paradise wherever you are…

It was June 9th, 2017 and we had all just arrived in the South of France for the French Yoga Tour after an entire day of travel. (pics below) We were excited and exhausted. Thankfully our first stop that evening would be the spa!

4 hours later we were all ….. naked. Together. Yup. We walked in and they handed us each a 14″ square towel and threw us into the showers.
(Nothin awkward about that, right???)

Now this might be a casual experience for a seasoned European traveler.

But that wasn’t me. So to say I was mortified was an understatement. Everyone else was a little surprised but not mortified. I was definitely the least well traveled in the group.

This also wasn’t my typical spa experience… there was aggressive scrubbing, too much heat, tiny towels, a strange tea. I was a little out of my element and definitely struggling to ‘go with the flow’.

We all survived. Obviously.  And the rest of the trip was full of incredible delight and awe. The food, the caves, the music, the food… did I mention the food?  Oh and the wine. Plenty of wine.

Hawaii, however, was a much simpler trip. There were sandy beaches, lush forests, our own private pool, a luau, of course… and the food… did I mention the food? Their kombucha was also amazing. We had some interesting challenges there as well with someone getting stitches, someone frantically paddleboarding in the ocean (me?) and practicing yoga in a swarm of flies on the beach.

Travel is… well… fascinating. Isn’t that why we do it?

These are what retreats are made for.
Exploration, adventure, yoga, relaxation… and food.

But we can have all of that right here in our own space too!
If we get our minds to cooperate ; )

That’s why we constantly strive to create the best possible environment in the studio. The most relaxing, dedicated space for connection, exploration, imagination, reflection and transformation… a space we can’t always get in our homes with our people, our projects and our pets. 

It’s a ‘stretch’ to call it paradise, I know. (see what I did there?)

But it’s intended to be an example. An example of how we might bring all those aspects into our lives more often on a daily basis. A few moments of calm reflection here. A challenging adventure there. Using our intuition and following our hearts.

A Yoga Teacher’s primary aim is to create the space for the practice and to encourage you with timely suggestions to use that space to explore what works best for you. So that you create a practice you love and enjoy.

A great yoga teacher does all that…. with LOVE.

We always hope that we do this.
We always hope that you enjoy it.

But most of all…
We always hope that it makes your life  calmer, stronger, clearer and more enjoyable.

If it does, we’d be honored if you’d let us know. Everytime you share your experience with us, it helps us improve the experience for everyone.

Your experience here matters.

Thank you for being part of Love.

: )