Are you proud of yourself?/Soul Compass Workshop

Like ‘look yourself in the mirror, high five’ kind of proud?

Are you strong enough to Live a life you love?

Physically… and mentally?

I want to be proud of what I do and feel strong enough to get through challenges and keep moving forward with enthusiasm. And I do, most of the time. And part of the reason I do is by connecting with others who share their experiences.

That’s why we’re launching a new Fresh Start challenge, Our annual Soul Compass workshop and Yoga Teacher Training… all next week! Because we want to start off 2022 strong and do things we’re proud of all year long!

Accomplishments, both small and wild, tick off boxes in our brains that make us proud. Then our brains reward us with good vibes. ‘Spirits lifted, energy flowing, heart swelling’ kind of vibes.

Furthermore, science shows that If I share MY story of my proudest moments…YOUR heart will feel that and it will tick off some boxes in your brain too. And if YOU share your stories with ME, you’ll be using science to lift my spirits and raise your own at the same time.

So it makes sense to DO THINGS we’re proud of, ENCOURAGE each other and share our GOOD ENERGY with everyone!

So let’s share stories… I’ll go first.
Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of my top three:

1. Single mom loses job, opens studio 9 days later. You know that’s how Love Yoga began, right? I went to yoga training and the boss didn’t like that so she let me go the day I got back. Rude. She told all my co workers that I abandoned them with no notice which was absolutely not true. But that day… instead of wallowing in the unfairness of life, my Mom told me to ‘go find a space’. And with $5k we started Love Yoga just 9 days later. I had no plan, a huge dream and zero savings. I just had to #keepgoing.

2. Suzanne overcomes fear of flying to hike the Grand Canyon and fall in love. It didn’t work out with him, but it was fun while it lasted! I hiked my ass off, saw more stars than I knew existed and slept in a tent for 5 days! (those who know me know that’s unbelievable… but true!). It made me stronger… and proud.

3. Yoga Studio survives 2020 with LOVE, humor, enthusiasm and the best ever teachers and clients! (Well, y’all lived that story with me).

And I would be remiss not to mention my most precious accomplishment ever of raising the perfect son… but if I start writing about Zack, this will be a novel, not an email. Suffice it to say… I did a damn good job : )

So now, I’m challenging you… to join me in 2022 and set the bar a little higher for making ourselves stronger, healthy and proud. And there has never before in my time been a better year for this!

Jan. 1st. The FRESH START Challenge is a simple personal challenge to Move, Hydrate and Meditate. That’s it. Three things. The postcard is a snapshot of the month of January and all you have to do is participate at your own level and drop the card off by the 30th to be in the drawing! That’s it! FREE!  (And if you have a yoga pass, you get the movement and meditation in every class!). Bring a water and you’re all set!

Jan 3rd. The Soul Compass workshop will help us tap in to our intuition to identify the things that expand our soul! Things that makes us feel good, strong, and heart swelling happy…. and how to not let those things fall through the cracks throughout the year. $35/$25 for members. Sign up on the workshop tab above.

Jan 8/9. Our new Yoga Teacher Training Retreat is a chance for you to get a weekend for yourself and a sneak peak into what training is like by attending just the first weekend. Learn the basic foundations and enjoy a weekend of breathing, flow and meditation while improving your own personal practice and connecting with others. If that sparks your interest in the rest of the training, great. If not, no pressure. Just enjoy, either way! $287 for the entire weekend. (It will also count toward a future training if you decide later to dive deeper). Message me to sign up.