I almost QUIT


It’s a bold statement, I know, but it’s true.

See, I almost quit the LoveStrong45 challenge because I didn’t think anyone was that interested.

A few of you were participating and then I lost track of the dates… and also forgot to award the gifts each week.

But then something cool happened.

Now before you feel down about signing up and then letting it go… Let me tell you what actually happened:

I got off to a strong start… as did many of you. And then we lost track of the dots. (Card design malfunction). 🙄
That alone is telling about the way our brains work (see below) and why challenges actually do work.

Challenges kickstart something in us. But the real challenge… is getting the end result. 

Even if you pivot part way through. As all the sages say… Just keep your eye on the prize. Or… Begin with the End in mind.

I actually did keep up with all of my challenges. Still today. I’m still drinking all the water, meditating, getting my steps outside, getting to sleep earlier and limiting my scrolling significantly (I’m only connected to tech during the hours 9am-9pm at most). The only part I didn’t keep up… was the dots.

So how did this create perfect balance in my life? Well the challenge combined with a new puppy inspired me (forced me) to get super organized. And Charlie joined right in!  He sleeps 10 hours a night, lounges while I meditate and LOVES getting his steps outside with me, rain or shine. He naps while I work and again when I teach.

I think this challenge gives us both the structure and attention we thrive in.

So now with a new morning routine plus a puppy to keep me on task and sleeping well…. I feel more balanced and creative today than ever. (for now anyways 😉)

Our brains appreciate lists, targets, focus and rewards. But our minds thrive in creativity, joy and freedom. We need both.  And I’ll refer back to my not-so-secret crush, Dr. Andrew Huberman, for all things dopamine to back me up on this:  A little structure for the brain, gives our minds the freedom to pivot in order to reach our goals.

Bottom line:
Even if you didn’t dot your cards, BUT you walk more, drink more, sleep better, stress less, worry less, enjoy pockets of peace or feel more balanced…. you win! Congrats!

Thank you to those who let me know that it made a difference for you. If you kept up with the challenge, or it helped in some, please let me know!

And if you don’t feel great… start your own challenge right now. Tell me about it, maybe I’ll join you.
The whole point was to feel better throughout the holidays. I’m well on my way, I hope you are too.

p.s. Sunday will be 45 days! ; )