Maybe it was something you ate … ?

Or was it? It may not have been what you ate.
And it likely wasn’t whatever you just ‘did’ either.

I mean, 6 tacos, 3 beers and a cupcake after running a marathon?
Yes, then probably it was.

But having random back pain, heartburn, joint pain, headache for no reason?

According to MANY researchers… pain is a distractor from unresolved emotional conflict. 

It helps us keep those painful feelings at bay by distracting us with physical pain. Pretty smart, eh?

Unresolved emotional conflict being:

  • That conversation we don’t want to have.
  • That sadness we don’t want to feel.
  • The anxiety or anger we have toward something.
  • That frustration we can’t express without hurting someone’s feelings.
  • That flash of anger that causes one to jump out of their seat and slap someone in the face.

We all have moments of conflicted feelings because we’re human.

John Sarno writes, ‘How typical of the human mind. It appears to be a storehouse of often conflicting feelings and tendencies, most of which we are totally unaware of’. 

So even if we don’t think we ever have those conflicting moments… he says we do, we’re just not aware of it.

He wrote the book ‘Healing Back Pain’ and I cannot put it down. And I had to share it.

Because his research dives into the mind body connection we all know and Love over here.

I won’t spoil the ending for you because he’s discovered that much of the success of his readers… comes from simply reading the book and understanding the process. I was skeptical about that too… which is why i’m reading it. (No, I don’t have back pain. I have in the past, so I understand it).

But I will say that Movement, Breathing and Focus, play key parts in ANY type of healing. (Yet, how typical of the human mind to discount something so simple. If it’s not hard, it must not be worth it??).

Lucky for us we have a great place to practice all of those things and more!

Other books I couldn’t put down:
Breath by James Nestor
The Relaxation Response, Herbert Benson
Buddha Brain, Rick Hansen
Lucky Dog, Brandon McMillen – Dog training : )

Everything I read makes it into our classes in one way or another… yes even the dog training practices… they’re hilariously similar… move, focus, be patient, snacks! LOL.

Thanks for reading, see you on the mats!

: )