Winter Solstice Celebration!

Plus a $250 Giveaway!

But First… the Solstice Celebration is already almost sold out!
So all I’m gonna say here is that it’s Tuesday, 12/21 @5:30pm.
You must register, so get signed up now.
There are no drop in spots are available.

Okay, so Why the Giveaway?

Because every couple years, I have to test our email platform.

Which is why I included the words bad news and condom in the subject line. (of the email, not this post).

I had to.

THIS is why I’m giving away $250 in gifts… to make up for the email trickery.

There’s no bad news… unless you’re disappointed that this isn’t going to be about condoms.

Listen, if you know me, you know I try to never waste time. Yours or mine.
Our classes are timely, our emails are rare and I respond to most questions within 24 hours.
But if you’re not getting these emails than it’s pointless.

So every now and then I have to test it.

Three years ago I wrote an email that actually was about condoms. I used a condom and guacamole analogy… our open rate TRIPLED!
🤷‍♀️(Hey, YOU opened it!) 😂

So, if you happened to miss our latest emails about the Teacher Training Special, Or the new Warm Power class? The Winter Solstice Celebration or the Recharge Retreat… then you might want to check your Promo folder, or your email options in Walla.

And JUST FOR OPENING THIS EMAIL... and for allowing me this brief analysis, you’re all entered into the Solstice Celebration drawing! ($250 worth of massage and local biz gift certificates).

** You can also white list our address ( so our emails don’t get pushed to your Promo folder or spam. Let me know if I can help?

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