New Adventures: Asana & Sedona

I’m doing a few new things. I left my new pup with my son and went on a little excursion this week with my Mom in Arizona.

And this Saturday I’ll be leading a little excursion through some of the more complex yoga postures.

While these aren’t extreme excursions… both expand and enhance my life in many ways.

And Life is intended to be a creative journey of expansion. New experiences, new excursions and new explorations.

Sadhguru explains it in his book Karma by saying, “The life process should enhance itself”.

I must have re-read this and repeated it a hundred times. It just struck me as the most simple and profound statement of my yoga practice.

The life process should enhance itself.

He goes on to explain, every moment is intended to enhance our lives simply by having that moment.

Not by chasing a specific goal or schedule… but by allowing unexpected joy to emerge from every experience, big or small.

But in order to allow the unexpected to emerge… the dream cannot already be set in stone.

So he often blesses people and tells them he hopes their dreams do NOT come true. Because he truly wishes for them, something better than they can imagine.

He calls it, Inner Engineering. Engineering our lives in such a way that the unexpected can surprise and delight us, fuel us, nourish us and boost our life force. It seems like a bit of an oxymoron… to engineer our lives for spontanaeity.

But there IS a system for this.

A system he says is for handling the human mechanism in such a way that it will function at it’s peak.
(That’s us by the way, that he’s referring to – as the human mechanisms).

It’s called Yoga.

BUT… he is not talking about the postures and sequences in the studio.

He’s talking about Yoga, as a state of consciousness that improves every facet of our existence.

Fortunately for us, we explore both, all the time.

What new little adventures will you embark on?
How will you engineer your life for spontanaeity?
Will your Life process enhance itself?

Start here at Love.

Come Advance your practice and expand your consciousness. We’re going deeper this weekend.

p.s. I took that shot above of the Sedona Range… no filter, just the natural glow of that area.

Stunning landscape