Bad News? And some changes . . .

Bad News? or  . . . just news?

Well, we talk about this a lot in teacher training, in various aspects of the practice.  Ups and downs are relative. Right and wrong is subjective and there’s no good or bad. It depends on your perspective. How do you see it? It depends on your sensations. How do you feel?

And there’s no such thing as ‘bad news’.  It depends on the circumstances.

One time I got fired The one an only time. Once. (and that’s how Love Yoga was created).  Bad news, right? Very bad news. I had no savings, no insurance, one very charming and sassy teenage son and no back up plan. On the other hand…. Love Yoga was created, and our lives got exponentially better by the second and the momentum has never stopped!

The day was, August 31st, 2010, I had just returned from yoga teacher training, the night before. I was on cloud 9. Exhausted and euphoric at the same time and then suddenly unemployed. That wasn’t my plan. Nine days later we quietly opened Love Yoga. 11 days after that, September 20th, we had our grand opening.

On my birthday. I was 42.

Now I DO NOT look back and agree that everything turned out for the best. My coworkers and clients were told that I abandoned my job with no notice. Not so. That first year was an emotional and financial roller coaster to the say the least; and at the same time, a dream come true. So I did not have time to be angry or looking back. I had a studio to create and a practice to practice. So I dove in head first and never looked back. (Okay I looked back a few times…. briefly because it’s scary to start a business, it’s f@#$ing hard to run it and it’s stressful to anticipate minute by minute if it’s going to make it).

Well. it did. Thanks to all of you and my mom’s unwavering support and encouragement.  Anytime I’ve expressed concerns about the business, she says, ‘You’re so close, you’re almost there, don’t worry’.  Basically saying, ‘you got this!’ Like we say to all of you in balance poses.  Thanks Mom.

So here’s the NEWS:  bad or good, right or wrong, ups and downs: You Choose

SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2018.  Love Yoga will be 8, I will be 50 and we’ll be launching our new project: LOVESTRONG Adventures.
We’re having an outdoorsy gathering to celebrate all of you and giving away some cool outdoorsy swag.

THIS GATHERING is a step above roughing it. No fancy foods or linens. We’ll have fire pits to roast bare brats and veggie dogs, the makings for s’mores and booches & brews to sip. YOU can bring your own camp chair, roasting stick and stories to tell around the fire. (we’ll have some sticks available if you’re not the ‘roughing it kind’).

Yes it’s also my birthday and many of you last year so kindly brought me chocolate!  But as you know, this year we have new chocolate bars in the studio. They’re the healthiest, most delicious chocolate I’ve ever had, so we’re good there. And I’m going on a yoga retreat in a week that I’ll tell you more about later. That’s my gift to me.

Howevvvvvver, IF you insist on getting me a gift…. do this:

Please introduce someone new to the studio – give them a free class pass.
(Tell them they are a birthday gift from you to Love!)

Helping grow Love Yoga and sharing the love is the absolute, hands down, best gift I could ever receive.  I can’t do it alone, I have never done it alone and I don’t want to do it alone. I’m SO glad you’re all here.

If you rsvp here, we’ll know how many dogs to bring.

Our 5:30pm class will be 45 minutes, because that’s what we do here on Thursday nights. Feel free to join us!


: )


p.s. Oh yea, the changes! We’re adding classes to the schedule starting in October! 4 new classes so far and more coming! Watch for the new schedule in a week or so. We’ll also have a new ‘Trail Guide’ giving you a map of all the options to consider at the studio and beyond! #getoutsidewithlove #mothernatureiscalling #natureheals