Bee Collins, RYT500

My first yoga class was in a rehabilitation center conference room full of storage boxes and other items. We didn’t have plants or a pretty view or any of the other ‘zen’ things most studios have. None of that matter, I just needed to move.

I was able to connect within myself in a way I had never experienced before. I was able to shut the world out. The classmates were far from my concern. It was just me, moving, breathing and smiling.

Yoga saved my life. It took a few years to get focused but I eventually connected with Oregon’s vocational rehab program and enrolled in Love Yoga Teacher Training.

I had minimal experience but I knew if yoga made me feel anywhere near as good as it did on the inside, then I could only imagine the shift on the outside.

Yoga training requires attending classes on a regular basis. I found myself practicing daily, completing the training and beginning to teach ever since.

Yoga is part of my mental health ‘tool box’ as well as a path for whole body healing and connection to my soul, my true self. I bring these tools along with the breath, intentions and stillness into my classes.

I’m stronger now than I ever expected. Thank you, Yoga!

Class Times:
Strong Flow: Thursdays 9:30am

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