Blog Post: Embarassing or Empowering?

I shared some embarrassing things in class yesterday… BECAUSE my embarrassing stories became empowering when I realized that I survived them. Think of an embarrassing moment… or an awful experience you’ve had. Could be something traumatic or something trivial, it doesn’t matter. Remember how it felt like it was a life changer? Well, it was – if you realize that you survived it. (savor that for a moment). The trick now is to not continually ‘re-live’ it.

And KNOWING you survived something does two things:

1. It gives you a story you can share to help others see that it’s survivable.

2. It empowers you to know that if you survived that, you can survive this. Or whatever comes next.
Because the reality is … you will survive everything that comes your way until the one time you don’t, right? (I warned you not to take my advice today, I’m in deep water here).

My advice yesterday was on fire: Learn about your nervous system. Use your breath to retrain it. Create more flow. Do more things you love so you’ll feel more loving more of the time, then there will be less room in your life for fear and worry. That’s great f#@%ing advice and it’s helped me a ton!

My advice today is still simmering: Run as far from everything as you can and only listen to yourself. Solitude matters! Nobody else’s advice will suffice because we are designed to save ourselves first. (it’s not selfish, it’s human nature). So when someone offers you their advice, recognize that it’s most likely something that works great for them. Swell. They can share it with you and you can try it but first run away and feel it for yourself. Then decide for yourself.

Ask yourself…what works for ME?
WHAT does MY heart want?
(Thanks, Sabrina ; )
(Soul Compass Workshop v.2 coming in August)

The moral of this message is… I’ve been completely embarrassed and humiliated at times and completely on fire at times. I’ve consulted everyone I know and I’ve run away to consult myself. And I get the very best advice from ME every single time. Try it. Especially while practicing yoga. (Crow pose for example, see below)

Take our instruction, take suggestions, take the opportunity to explore. But please, please, please, decide for yourself. Once you learn the ins and outs of the yoga practice… you’ll start to feel what’s for you and what’s not. This is where the magic happens! Where you start deciding more often what’s best for you, on and off the mat.

Much Love,
: )

p.p.s. Crow Pose is a perfect example of embarrassing vs. empowering. I can’t tell you how many people have beamed for days after they hold their first crow pose. I also can’t count the number of times we’ve watched you all fall out of crow and feel a little embarrassed. But when you fall out, it inspires someone else to try. (isn’t that strange human behavior also? Your ‘failure’ inspires someone else) LOL.  Crow Workshop. This Saturday. 10:30am. Sign up here now! Come check it out. It might be your greatest embarrassment, your greatest inspiration or just an all around great time.